The Best Stick Vacuums for Quick and Easy Cleaning

The Best Stick Vacuums for Quick and Easy Cleaning

The cleaning process is not that easy, and one has to spend a lot of time to keep his home clean.

If you find cleaning your home a boring task and want to get a life out of all the messes during the cleaning process, then you should equip yourself with a suitable Stick Vacuum.

Yes, a stick vacuum is a life-saver for many people who don’t want to bend over for cleaning their floors and other areas.

Here, we have compiled a list of the industry’s best Stick Vacuums.

We have even reviewed them and provided all the necessary information in this post. Keep on reading!

As you know, cleaning your home or just a room requires a lot of time and patience, one can easily make this process easier and more fun by using a suitable Vacuum Cleaner.

Out of all the types of Vacuum Cleaners, you should get yourself a Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

This makes the cleaning process a lot easier and you can quickly clean up the entire home in a matter of minutes.

Unlike other heavy-duty and giant Vacuums, Stick Vacuum Cleaners are lightweight and carry a portable design.

You can easily store and carry it anywhere you want. It doesn’t require any special room space, as it’s very portable in design.


Stick Vacuums are more reliable when it comes to cleaning not just the floors, but stairs and other messes of your home.

Stick Vacuums can also clean underneath sofa and beds which is a good option for those who have back pain.

In the modern world, we have seen a drastic change in home cleaning tools.

Thankfully, the technology has made the Stick Vacuums more advanced and we have hundreds of options available in the same category.

They are the best options as they are now carrying all the features of the traditional upright vacuums.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of extra bucks to buy an upright vacuum cleaner for your home, just go with the suitable Stick Vacuum and make the cleaning process easy.

Best Stick Vacuums Reviews

With hundreds of different options and manufacturers in the market, choosing the right Vacuum Cleaner from the available models is a bit challenging task for new buyers.

You have to study harder about the features and specifications of the machine before making up your final decision.

Just to overcome your confusion, here we have picked the market’s best-selling Stick Vacuums and reviewed them personally.

We have described every single feature of the vacuums that you might want to look for in an ideal Cleaning tool for your home.

>>>Best 9 Stick Vacuum Cleaners<<<

If you have decided to go with the Stick Vacuum Cleaner, then here’s the list of Best Stick Vacuums for you.

Follow the list and gain some more knowledge about their cleaning process and advanced features.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Stick Vacuum

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson is a popular name in Home Cleaning appliances with a huge range of advanced tools and equipment.

If you are searching for a user-friendly Stick Vacuum Cleaner for different cleaning purposes, then Dyson’s Cyclone V10 is the suitable option available for you.

This vacuum cleaner is designed with respect to the demands of the new generation of people. It comes with superior design and powerful suction.

It’s a Stick Vacuum Cleaner and not the full-size Vacuum Cleaner. It is designed for the small cleaning task and can’t handle heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

Dyson V10 Animal stick Vacuum Review-It’s a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner which doesn’t need any power source.

You don’t need to insert the power plug and use the machine with wires.

This one is running on a built-in battery for a limited time. You have to recharge the Vacuum’s battery after its usage.

The machine comes with a powerful suction capacity which collects all the messes lying on the floor effectively.

Depending on the floor type, you can change the suction head and it will work beautifully for you.

Besides this, you can also change its settings and power mode to use it for different cleaning purposes.

Unlike other battery-power vacuum sticks, this machine comes with a huge bin for collecting messes.

You don’t need to remove the bin again and again. Just use the machine until you finish cleaning the floor, and you can then empty the bin.

Interesting Fact!

The machine runs for 60 minutes with a single charge without the motorized tool. The lightweight and portability make it easier for the users to clean up the floor and other areas of your home.

It’s a convertible new-generation vacuum cleaner which lets you convert it in a handheld vacuum cleaner.

You can also use this machine for cleaning up the bed, sofas. It’s an ideal Vacuum Cleaner to clean up your car as well.

You don’t have to buy two separate vacuums for that, just convert this machine into a handheld Vacuum and you’re done!

Pros and Cons

  • Powerful suction capacity.
  • Works on almost all types of floors.
  • Convertible to a handheld vacuum.
  • It comes with a huge recycle bin.
  • Suitable for cleaning cars, sofas and other furniture.
  • Attachable tools.
  • The very expensive price tag
  • Doesn’t stand for the self, you have to hold it while cleaning the floor
  • Makes some noise while working with the motorized function

Shark ION F80 Stick Vacuum

Shark ION F80 Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum with MultiFLEX

Shark’s new generation Vacuum Cleaners are more reliable as they offer almost all kinds of features that you might be looking for in an ideal Vacuum Cleaner.

If you are looking for a portable Stick Vacuum Cleaner, then Shark’s new ION F80 is the best one available for you in the market.

This Vacuum Cleaner comes with plenty of tools and functions to make your cleaning hassle-free.

Shark ION F80 MultiFLEX cordless Stick Vacuum ReviewWhat makes this Vacuum Cleaner different from other Vacuums is it comes with two batteries which means, you will have double the run time.

It offers full cordless functionality which doesn’t require you to plug it on the power source.

You can make use of this cleaner without having to tangle with the wires.

You can freely use this machine for cleaning the entire home as you will get a good battery run-time.

The machine offers powerful cordless suction for collecting dirt, debris and all the messes that are lying on the floor.

It’s a lightweight and portable machine which makes the whole cleaning process easier.

It is also an ideal option for Pets Owners as the powerful suction collects Pets Hair from the floor easily.

Each battery offers 40 minutes of run-time which means, you can use this machine wirelessly for 80 minutes as it comes with two batteries.

You will also be provided with a Charging Dock which makes it easier for you to recharge it whenever needed. Just put the charging dock on the wall and set the Vacuum Cleaner for charging there.

Interesting Fact!

The machine is manufactured with the latest MultiFLEX technology which makes the design compact than other Vacuums. The machine also stands on its own.

You can clean underneath furniture and bed easily as the machine comes with a flexible handle. DuoClean technology enables you to clean up all types of floors. It works even on thick carpets and wooden floors.

Moreover, you can easily transform the machine into a handheld vacuum. Yes, you can convert it to a handheld vacuum for cleaning the curtains, ceiling and even your car. It’s a perfect machine for people with back pain issues or for the people who own Pets.

Pros and Cons

  • More powerful than any other Stick Vacuums
  • MultiFlex technology for multi-purpose cleaning
  • DuoClean technology works well on all types of floors
  • Suitable for collecting debris, dirt, dust and even pets’ hair
  • Convertible functionality
  • Offers floor-to-ceiling cleaning
  • Suitable for cleaning the Car
  • A little bulkier than other Stick Vacuum Cleaners
  • Functions of the machine are not user-friendly for beginners

Tineco A10 Hero Stick Vacuum

Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

Tineco’s A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best-selling Vacuums in the market. This Vacuum Cleaner comes with a set of advanced cleaning features.

It is designed with a new technology that offers plenty of functions and unique cleaning modes for a full-home cleaning. The body is made from aluminum material which offers good durability.

Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick VacuumTineco’s Vacuum Cleaner is powered by a 350W Digital Motor which offers powerful suction to collect debris, dust, dirt and all the messes from the floor.

The machine doesn’t make any noise even if you use it with a motorized mode.

This Cordless Machine is 4 times powerful than ordinary Vacuum Cleaners.

The main body of this Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight and carries a portable design.

The machine offers full cleaning of your home from floor to ceiling.

The machine comes equipped with a detachable battery, you can easily remove the battery from the machine for recharging.

Switch-lock allows you to use it with continuous power mode. The dustbin is easy to clean, you can clean the machine with just one press of the button.

Interesting Fact!

The machine has 4 stages fully sealed filtration system. This technology locks down all the debris and dust free from leakages.

You will get a 2-in-1 dusting brush which is also detachable. As per your requirements, you can easily clean different types of floors and other areas of your home.

The main brush comes with LED power which lets you clean up the hard-to-reach areas underneath the floor and furniture. It also comes with a number of useful tools which you can use for different cleaning purposes.

Pros and Cons

  • The suction is very strong
  • Offers full home cleaning
  • Plenty of attachable cleaning tools
  • A cord-free design
  • Ultra-quiet function
  • Unique cleaning modes with advanced features
  • Full-size multi-tasker LED brush
  • 2 Years of Warranty.
  • Lack of multiple batteries
  • Less run-time
  • Not suitable on thick carpets
  • Lack of folding handle
  • Non-convertible functionality

Dyson V7 Motorhead stick vacuum

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson’s V7 is yet another powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner for new buyers. If you are searching for a portable and powerful cordless stick vacuum cleaner, then Dyson’s V7 is the best option for you.

This machine uses a powerful motor which provides good suction power. The Stick Vacuum Cleaner is designed to make your cleaning hassle-free.

Dyson V7 Motorhead Stick Vacuum reviewIt’s a Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner which comes with a built-in battery.

You don’t need to use any wires or plugs to use it for cleaning your home.

When you use a non-motorized tool on this Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, you can run the machine for 30 minutes. It is more than enough for cleaning the entire home.

This Stick Vacuum Cleaner comes with a portable and versatile design for easy cleaning.

The machine has instant-trigger which lets you use the machine for the longest time.

The machine stops power from the battery when you un-press the trigger.

The machine works beautifully on almost all types of floors. You can use this machine for cleaning thick carpets, wooden floors and pretty much all types of floors.

Interesting Fact!

This machine provides 75% more power compared to its previous edition which makes it the most reliable Stick Vacuums in the market.

It comes with Convertible functionality which lets you convert this Stick Vacuum Cleaner to a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

You can easily convert this machine for cleaning curtains, ceilings and other hard-to-reach areas of your home. The machine can be used underneath furniture, bed, etc.

It’s an ideal machine for Car owners. If you have a car, then you can easily convert it to a handheld vacuum cleaner and clean up the car.

Pros and Cons

  • This Vacuum Cleaner cleans both, hard floors and thick carpets
  • It runs for 30 minutes without the need for a power source
  • Set of new cleaning modes
  • Convertible functionality to convert it to a hand-held vacuum cleaner
  • Comes with a convenient docking station
  • Low-profile hand to clean underneath furniture
  • Ideal for cleaning Cars
  • Affordable pricing
  • Doesn’t stand on its own
  • Single battery
  • Makes some noise while using a motorized tool

Dyson Cyclone V10 Stick Vacuum

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you are searching for a portable and compact size Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for cleaning your house, then Dyson’s Cyclone V10 Absolute is here for you.

This is a lightweight and portable stick vacuum cleaner which can manage full-house cleaning at ease. In spite of having a compact design, the machine comes with the powerful suction capacity to collect debris, dust and almost all types of messes lying on the floor.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless vacuum reviewCord-free functionality makes it easier for the user to clean different areas of the home efficiently.

You don’t need to worry about the wire length or power source plug or anything else, just recharge the Vacuum and start the cleaning process.

This stick vacuum’s battery provides 60 minutes of run-time without non-a motorized tool.

It is designed with advanced whole machine filtration which keeps the allergens and harmful bacteria within the machine.

It doesn’t leakage and gives you a crystal clean floor in a few minutes. It comes with an instant-release trigger which consumes less power.

Just press the trigger while collecting the dust and release it when you are not using it.

Furthermore, it’s a convertible Vacuum Cleaner. You can easily convert this machine into a handheld Vacuum cleaner by pressing one button.

You can also change its functions as per your requirements. There are useful buttons available on the stick which lets you change the cleaning modes etc. on the machine.

Interesting Fact!

It comes with a drop-in docking station. You can simply hang in there for recharging it. Once done, pick up the machine and start using it again. It’s an ideal choice for those who are looking for a portable yet powerful vacuum cleaner.

This enables you to clean curtains, ceiling and pretty much anything in your home. Surprisingly, you can also use this machine for cleaning your car, just convert it into a handheld vacuum can and clean up your car. It offers a full-home cleaning experience without purchasing an extra vacuum.

This vacuum cleaner is designed for all types of consumers as it works beautifully on all types of floors including thick carpets, wooden floor or hard tile floors.

Pros and Cons

  • Designed with new Technology
  • Engineered with Dyson’s Motor which offers good suction power
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Comes with Dock-in Station
  • Convertible functionality
  • Three different power modes
  • Suitable on all types of floors
  • Ideal for floor-to-ceiling cleaning
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Makes some noise with a motorized tool

Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Stick Vacuum

Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Cordless 18V Lithium-Ion Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hover’s new generation Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is known for its versatile functions. The machine comes loaded with almost all the necessary features to clean your full-house.

It’s a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner which makes the cleaning process free from wires and plugs. You can easily take it anywhere in any room for different cleaning purposes.

Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature stick vacuum reviewThis machine uses interchangeable lithium-ion batteries. You can remove the batteries and can recharge them quickly.

This Vacuum Cleaner is designed with WindTunnel Technology which creates channels of suction to collect all types of messes smoothly.

What makes this machine unique is it has an Extreme Recline Handle. This makes it easier for the user to clean underneath sofas, beds, etc.

The wide-brushes of the machine can easily reach hard-to-reach areas.

You don’t need to move your furniture or anything, as the machine can itself, reaches different places.

Edge cleaning bristles on the machine are good at sucking hard to pick debris from the floors.

It is also an ideal vacuum cleaner for pet owners as the machine can easily pick Pets’ hair from the Carpets and Floors.

It is suitable for all types of floors such as thick carpets, tiles floors and even on the wooden floors. This bristles also collects dirt from corners and edges of the floor.

You don’t need to clean the edges manually; the edge cleaning bristles can reach out to the edges and collects dirt from there.

Interesting Fact!

Lightweight and low-profile design enables you to clean your stairs and other hard-to-reach areas easily. The machine comes with Smart Charge Battery Charger.

You can easily recharge the machine using this Charger as the battery is removable. Just remove the battery and recharge it using this recharge.

Furthermore, it comes with easy to use fingertip controls. You can control the entire machine and can change its functions and modes easily.

Just make sure to use the right button and the machine will change its modes. The company is offering 2 Years of Manufacturer Warranty on the product.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and Low-Profile Design
  • Cordless functions
  • WindTunnel Technology
  • Edge Cleaning Bristles
  • Removable Battery with Smart Charger
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fingertip Controls for changing its modes
  • Multi-floor cleaning
  • Not convertible
  • Limited Runtime with a single battery
  • Can’t stand on its own

SharkNinja Rocket DeluxePro Stick Vacuum

SharkNinja Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum

SharkNinja is one of the trusted brands in the industry with a huge range of home appliances products for consumers.

If you are searching for a new Corded Stick Vacuum, then you should check for SharkNinja’s new Rocket DeluxePro Stick Vacuum.

shark-upright-stick vacuum reviewThis Vacuum Cleaner comes with industry-standard features and comes with affordable pricing for economy buyers.

Being a Corded Vacuum Cleaner, this Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for cleaning big-floor areas efficiently.

It comes with superior power with a built-in motor as it doesn’t require batteries or anything.

The machine takes power through the power plug and that’s all it needed to clean your home.

It’s a lightweight Wired Vacuum Cleaner so you don’t have to worry about its weight.

It is easily transferrable and you don’t need to use your force for moving it to different places. It carries less than 9 lbs of weight.

Interestingly, you can even convert this machine into a handheld vacuum.

Just press the button and convert the machine to a handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning your curtains, ceilings, kitchen or any other part of your home.

It offers floor-to-ceiling cleaning for consumers.

It has hard floor hero brushers which pick up stubborn debris and dust from almost all types of floors. The machine works smoothly on almost all types of floors and cleans up everything from the floor in just a few minutes of time.

Interesting Fact!

Advanced Swivel steering enables you to clean underneath sofas, beds, etc. It provides excellent control while cleaning. Being a Corded Vacuum Cleaner, this Vacuum is ideal for homes with multiple rooms.

It is also equipped with Pet Multi-Tool which enables you to collect Pets Hair from the floor and carpets. It also works on the sofas and bed for collecting Pets Hair.

The dusting cup comes with XL capacity which means, it can collect extra debris without having to empty it again and again.

Pros and Cons

  • Designed for heavy-duty tasks
  • Corded functionality offers better suction power
  • Ideal for big floor areas and homes with multiple rooms
  • Advanced Swivel Steering
  • Suitable for Pet Owners
  • Works smoothly on thick carpets, wooden floors etc.
  • Converts to a handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  • Can’t stand on its own
  • Corded Functionality
  • Makes noise while cleaning

Bissell Bolt Lithium Ion Stick Vacuum

Bissell Bolt Lithium Ion Pet Stick Vacuum

Bissell Bolt Stick Vacuum Cleaner is specially designed for the people who won Pets. People who own Pets are always searching for a reliable Vacuum Cleaner which can collect Pets Hair.

The new Bissell Bolt is an ideal vacuum cleaner for those people. Aside from cleaning Pets Hair, this Vacuum also enables you to clean debris and other messes from the floors.

Bissell Bolt Lithium Ion Cordless Stick Vacuum reviewIt’s a cordless Stick Vacuum which uses a lithium-ion battery. You can easily clean up different areas of the floors and furniture with its cord-free functions.

The machine offers 25 minutes of run-time with the built-in battery and there’s no any hose on the machine.

The handle of the stick is a two-way handle which enables you to store the machine anywhere you want.

You can make it even more compact with two-way functionality.

This also enables you to clean hard-to-reach areas from the floor and underneath furniture.

The machine comes with a convenient charging base which lets you recharge the stick again and again.

It also comes with built-in storage where you can store all the attachable tools.

You can also use this Vacuum for cleaning stairs etc. This vacuum comes with extra-large dirt bin. You can clean up the entire floor with multiple rooms without any interruptions.

Interesting Fact!

It uses a cyclonic cleaning system with no-dirt sensor ensuring full-home cleaning. Dual-edge cleaning cleans up corners and edges of the floor and walls easily.

You can empty the bin right after finishing the entire home cleaning.

This machine works on pretty much all types of floors including sealed floors, hard floors, wooden floors, etc.

You can also use this machine in the car for collecting pets’ hair. The user can operate the machine with easy controls which are available on the handle.

Pros and Cons

  • Ideal for Pet Owners
  • Easy-to-use functionality
  • 25 minutes of run-time
  • 2-Way folding handle
  • Designed with Cyclonic Cleaning Technology
  • Suitable for all types of floors
  • Powerful suction for thick carpets
  • Ideal for floor-to-ceiling
  • Can be used in the Car as well
  • Different modes of suction
  • Lack of heavy-duty cleaning tasks
  • Can’t stand on its own
  • Limited runtime with the built-in battery

Tineco A10 Master Stick Vacuum

Tineco A10 Master Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco’s A10 Master Vacuum Cleaner is a new-generation Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. This Vacuum cleaner is designed for heavy-duty tasks, it is equipped with two detachable batteries which double the run-time of the machine.

You can easily clean the entire home without any interruptions with this Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

Tineco A10 Master Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner reviewThe machine runs for 50 minutes with dual batteries and 25 minutes with a single battery.

It comes with two full-size brushes which come with built-in LED lights.

You can easily clean hard-to-reach areas and dark areas using these brushes equipped with the Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

It is designed with new technology for cleaning all types of floors. It can pick up hard debris and dust from the floors smoothly.

You can even change the cleaning functions and modes of the machine as per your needs.

The machine is powered by a 350 W of Digital Motor which makes the cleaning tasks silent. The machine doesn’t make any noise and still gets you a better cleaning.

Interesting Fact!

It comes with 4 Stages fully-sealed filtration system which doesn’t leakage the collect dirt and debris from the machine. It keeps all the harmful allergen inside the bin and you don’t have to worry about the leakages from the machine.

There are different power modes and functions available on the machine with easy controls within your finger reach.

Depending on the types of floors, you can clean the floors. It’s a lightweight machine which can be transferable to different places easily.

Aside from this, this vacuum cleaner comes with numerous attachments which you can use while cleaning different types of floors. You don’t need to purchase extra vacuums, just change the tool and start the cleaning.

With Pet Hair Tools, this machine can collect the hair of your pets easily from the floor, sofas or even from the bed.

You can also use this machine for cleaning your car. It’s a perfect Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner which is ideal for big homes and multi-purpose cleaning.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and Portable design
  • Full-size LED brushes
  • Two detachable batteries
  • 4 Stages fully sealed filtration system
  • Comes with plenty of attachments
  • Bulky design
  • Makes noise
  • Can’t stand on its own

So, folks, these are all the best and most suitable Stick Vacuum Cleaners available in the market.

Depending on your basic requirements, you can pick the reliable Vacuum Cleaner which can fulfill your basic cleaning needs.

If you are still confused and can’t decide which one to choose from the above list, then follow the below-given buying guide.

The following buying guide helps you to choose the right Stick Vacuum Cleaner for your home.

Before you go into the market or search for a new Stick Vacuum cleaner, you need to keep the following things in mind.

Let’s figure them out now!

Things to know before buying a Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Corded or Cordless?

This is the first thing you need to check even before you start the search.

Make sure whether you want to purchase a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner or a Corded one.

Depending on your requirements, you can start your search. Even if you haven’t figured it out, you have to check it.

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Cordless Vacuums are high in demand if we talk about the current generation.

For the very same reason, you have to go with the Cordless Vacuums which are more reliable at cleaning different types of floors and rooms.

They can also clean your ceilings, curtains, cars, and more.

On the other hand, Corded Vacuums are not good at cleaning as you have to think about the wire size and the power plug always while cleaning the floor.

When there’s no electricity available, you can’t use the Corded machines.

Know the area of cleaning

If you have a big floor area, then you must go with the Corded Vacuum Cleaners. Corded Vacuum cleaners come with a full-time cleaning process.

You have to use it with a power plug and can clean the entire floor.

You don’t have to worry about the battery and its runtime.

If the Cordless Vacuum Comes with a removable battery or dual battery, you can also go with such vacuums as they offer double the runtime which makes the cleaning more reliable.

You will not be interrupted in between cleaning large areas.

You must consider the floor area of cleaning before finalizing the Stick Vacuum Cleaner for your Home.

Know the types of floor

You should also know about the different types of floors on which you are going to use the new Stick vacuum cleaners.

Different manufacturers come with different features on their vacuums which are limited to specific floors.

You should check whether the machine will be working on the floor of yours or not.

Cheaper vacuums don’t come with good suction power and they are unable to work on the Carpets and other floor types.

You need to go with a mid-range vacuum that can offer all cleaning features together.

Storage type

New-generation Cordless Stick vacuums come with a separate dock-in station where you can put them.

There are some Vacuums that come with an easy storage option.

The portable design makes the Stick Vacuum Cleaners compact which can be stored anywhere in your room.

If you choose to go with the Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, make sure you store it beside the Power Plug so it can be charged itself when there’s no use of it.

What would you clean with the machine?

Most people go with the Vacuum Cleaner which can work on almost all types of floors and other platforms.

You should also figure out whether you are going to use this machine for cleaning the cars, ceilings, terrace, etc. You should know everything well before finalizing it.

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There much things you need to know before you can hit the market for a new Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

Now, you must be looking for some more tips to help you pick the right Vacuum cleaner.

Just to give you more information about suitable vacuums, here we have put the details about a good vacuum cleaner and its features.

A Good Stick Vacuum Cleaner has

Powerful Suction Power

The suction power of a Vacuum Cleaner is the first thing you need to consider before buying a new one.

If the machine doesn’t provide good suction power, it won’t work on carpets and other floor types.

An ideal machine comes with powerful suction power.

Can clean up edges

The good vacuum cleaner comes with built-in edge bristle brushes which can pick dirt from the edges and corners of the walls while cleaning the floor.

This feature doesn’t ask you to clean the edges and corners manually. The machine itself can clean up the edges.

Convertible functionality

New-generation stick vacuums come with convertible functions.

You can simply convert the machine into a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

Depending on your basic needs, you can simply convert the machine into a handheld one and can clean up the curtains, ceilings, and even your car.

Good run-time

If you have chosen a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, then it should come with good run-time.

If the Vacuum doesn’t offer good run-time, you will be interrupted in between the cleaning process to recharge its battery.

You should pick a vacuum with good run-time with a built-in battery.

Nozzle Size

A reliable and good vacuum comes with a full-size brush and nozzle which can pick up all the messes lying on the floor.

It can collect debris, dust, and dirt from different types of floors and can make the cleaning process hassle-free.

Easy-to-empty dust bin

The dust bin for the collection should be easy to clean in an ideal Vacuum Cleaner.

A good cleaner comes with a simple press button for cleaning the bin. You can easily empty the bin right after its usage.

Long cord if it’s a Corded one

If you have decided to go with the Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner, consider that the machine has a long cord.

The long cord on the machine enables you to clean multiple rooms, stairs, and other platforms without having to change the power plug.


We have tried our best to give you the right information about the industry’s best Cordless and Corded Stick Vacuum cleaners here.

We have reviewed some of the best-selling and popular Stick Vacuum Cleaners as well.

You can go through the list of best stick vacuums, can follow the buying guides and it will be easier for you to finalize one for you from the above list.

Depending upon your basic needs, you can pick the suitable one to fulfill them.

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