Top 7 The Best Foot Massagers: Buying Guide & Reviews

Top 7 Best Foot Massagers: Buying Guide & Reviews

Your feet work really hard every day and we people don’t pay enough attention to it. Just like your neck, shoulder, and other body parts, you have to take care of your feet as well. Just a simple rubdown can bring a lot of benefits.

When you massage or rub down your foot, it stimulates foot muscles and improves blood circulation.

Most people do aware of the benefits of massaging foot every day, but due to their busy lives, they are unable to give their time to such activities.

If we talk about today’s busy world, people have started using a Foot Massager to take care of their feet.

Thankfully, we have a range of foot massagers in the market from trusted manufacturers.

Best Foot Massager

You can actually heal your entire body by using a foot massager.

Apart from relaxing the user, using a regular foot massager brings a lot of extra benefits which most people don’t know.

Types of Foot Massagers

In today’s competitive market, there are numerous types of foot massager machines available from different manufacturers.

To attract new buyers, the manufacturer offers advanced and innovative features.

Depending upon the functioning mode, the foot massager can be categorized into different types which are enlisted below.

  • Manual Foot Massager

Manual Foot Massager is a traditional massager that uses the ancient massaging technique to relax the foot muscles.

This type of massage is mainly made from natural materials such as wood.

There is no automatic function and you have to manually rub your feet on the surface of the massager.

They come with a roller made from wooden material to relieve stress from the different parts of your feet.

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The design of this massager is very compact and can be stored anywhere in your room or workshop or anywhere.

It offers deep massaging than the latest massagers which is why some people are still preferring the manual foot massager over the electric foot massager.

Manual Foot Massager comes in different shapes and sizes and they are quite affordable than the Electric Foot Massagers.

  • Electric Foot Massager

Electric Foot Massager is currently high in demand as they offer the best massaging experience with its automatic massaging modes and additional features.

Most electric machines have rollers and balls to massage your feet.

It uses kneading and vibration techniques which reduce tension from the pressure points easily.

Electric Foot Massagers come in different variants and they are specially designed for people with different types of pain on their feet.

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Some machines come with an independent foot chamber while other has a separate compartment where you just need to put your feet.

If we talk about the advanced features, the Electric Foot Massager comes with an optional heat function to manage the heat level during the massaging process.

It also comes with different modes to adjust the intensity level of the massage.

Electric Foot Massager requires a power source. You can also go for the wireless massager which uses power from the built-in rechargeable battery.

You can recharge its battery and it will give you the ultimate massaging experience.

  • Water Foot Massager

Water Massagers are not that popular amongst the current generation of people; however, for some therapeutic needs, this type of massager is high in demand.

It uses different materials such as water, light, heat, and bubbles to massage the feet.

Water Massager is also known as Spa Massager since it uses Water as a massaging material.

Water Foot Massager is usually heavier than the Electric Foot Massager. It is highly used in the Spa and Salon Center to cater to different types of customers.

This type of foot massage is not recommended for those who are searching for a foot massager for home use.

  • Shiatsu Foot Massager

Shiatsu Foot Massager is currently the best one in the market as they are designed with the advanced Japanese Foot Massaging technique which works on every single point of your feet and relaxes your entire body.

This type of foot massager uses a heating function along with the kneading technique to massage your feet.

It also uses vibrations and rotators that mimic the traditional physical foot massage.

It is a professional-grade massager which is highly used by professional therapists.

It offers intense massage to certain points of your feet to relieve stress and pressure. It gives you the ultimate foot massage therapy at your home.

  • Infrared Foot Massager

Manufacturers are now using the Infrared technique to massage feet.

They have developed Infrared Foot Massager which uses infrared rays to massage your feet and its parts.

The infrared rays work on the knots and relieve stress from them.

Just like the Shiatsu Foot Massager, Infrared Foot Massager is also recommended by the therapist, and in fact, professional therapists use the same type of foot massager for their patients.

These are all the available types of foot massagers on the market.

The purpose of these foot massagers is common and I.e. to relax your body by providing proper massage to your feet.

However, some of the above-listed foot massagers are for special purposes only and you should consult your family physician before buying one from the market.

Top 7 Best Foot Massagers Reviews

If you are completely blank and don’t know anything about the Foot Massager machine, then this article will give you all the useful information about the Foot Massager, its benefits, and how you can start using it.

We have also provided detailed reviews of the best foot massagers; you can choose the suitable Foot Massager for yourself or for your parents from here.

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The following Best Foot Massager Reviews list includes both, high-end and low-end models so that anyone can easily pick the suitable foot massager under a budget.

If you simply want to massage your feet without extra stress, then you should get the Foot Massager now!

Let’s get on to the review part.

MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager

MedMassager offers a range of different types of massagers for different body parts.

The MMF06 Foot Massager from MedMassager is currently the bestselling foot massager in the market as it serves what the company claims.

It offers the best foot massaging experience with the traditional method.

This powerful foot massager is suitable for all types of users as it is a fully functional massager which is also very efficient.

The massager comes with 11-speed motors with variable speed controls.

It runs from 1,000 rpm to 3,700 rpm. This gives you maximum comfort with better control.

You can take full control of the speed of the massage and can adjust the speed as per your requirement.

This massager is made from high-grade metal and plastic materials.

The body of this machine is rugged and designed to last for years.

The package includes a kit that will enhance the functionality of this foot massager and allows you to use it on different floor types.

The design of this foot massager looks very ordinary; however, that’s what makes it comfortable and compatible with everyone.

MedMessenger MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager Review

It is designed for therapeutic and clinical use, but most people own it for home use.

You need not have any technical skills to use this machine, just follow simple instructions and you will be good to go with it.

No matter whether you have used a foot massager or not, using this foot massager is super easy. The massager is safe to use and it is free from accidents.

If you closely look at the design, the main pad of the massager is placed in such a way that you can easily put your feet at the perfect angle.

The design offers maximum comfort during the massaging period.

This foot massager is medically approved and is highly used by therapists to heal the muscle tissues in patients’ bodies.

The same foot massager relaxes the muscle and releases muscle pain.

No matter what type of person you are and how busy your life you live, this foot massager can be your best companion.

Moreover, the foot massager matches the industry standards as it comes with ISO 9000-2001 and is CSA Certified which ensures the full safety of the users.

Additionally, the same massager is also FDA-certified for medical use, especially for therapists.


  • Rugged Construction ensures great durability
  • Comfortable design with a slanted pad
  • Powerful Massager with variable speed control
  • Ideal for busy people
  • Affordable pricing
  • Attractive warranty and guarantee offered by the manufacturer


  • The design/ look of this foot massager is not impressive compared to other advanced foot massagers.

This product is backed by the company’s 1- year full replacement guarantee against failure and defects.

You can also avail of lifetime replacement on this product from the company’s official website after you purchase it.

You can register yourself with the product code and can get extra warranty benefits from the manufacturer.

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine by Belmint

The Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager is one of the most advanced Foot Massagers in the market.

This foot massager is designed to give maximum comfort to the users.

It makes you feel like you are in a professional massage parlor and a person is giving you the foot massage.

This massager is equipped with powerful deep-kneading massage nodes.

These nodes work as your fingers and relieve chronic pain, muscle tension, nerve pain, plantar fasciitis, and all the other aches in your foot.

Being an advanced massager of the market, it is engineered with the latest infrared heating technology.

The nodes get warm with infrared heat which relieves pressure from the tensioned muscles and ultimately relaxes your foot.

The infrared heat function is optional and it is depending upon your requirements.

You can enable or disable this function using the On and Off button.

The heating function is quite useful to relieve stiffness, inflammation, and soreness from the different points of the foot.

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager multi Settings review

It is a fully functional and automatic foot massager machine that comes with different functions and modes which you can select as per your comfort.

The design of this massager is very impressive. It is a compact-sized massager made from high-grade materials.

It is a sturdy massager and you can use it for years without any issues.

It is a fully electric foot massager that requires electric power to run.

The massager comes with five different built-in massage modes. You can select a suitable model as per your needs.

Initially, it will take some time to understand the basic functions and the built-in massaging modes of the machine.

However, with the regular use of the massager, you will be able to use them more efficiently.

The given built-in pressure levels are very useful for blood circulation.

It features an advanced deep-kneading feature that works with different pressure points on your foot and relieves tension from all the pressure points.

The pressure pads of the massager are fully air-powered.

This lets your feet be fully encased inside the massager so that you can get the maximum massage on the required parts of the feet.

It covers all the parts and pressure points of the feet so that you can get a full foot massage with one go.

The mesh of this massager is made from a durable synthetic mesh fabric which is also known as a foot cover.

It is long-lasting and gives removable and the fabric is breathable which provides proper oxygen while massaging your feet.


  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Infrared Heating System
  • 5 built-in pressure levels
  • Easily accessible control settings
  • 15 Mins Auto Shut-off function
  • Backed by Warranty and Refund from the company


  • The plastic lining on the machine wears out after some time. It needs to be fixed by the manufacturer.

The cover is a removable one, you can easily remove it from the massager and can wash it to keep the massager fresh and healthy.

Apart from this, the massager also comes with some automatic functions. It has 15- minutes auto shut-off function.

The massager will stop automatically after 15 minutes of massage.

The base of this massager features anti-slip rubber materials which keep the massager stick to the ground.

Moreover, this product is backed by the company’s limited warranty period.

You can avail of the warranty on this product by contacting them using different methods.

You can also get a full money refund if you are not satisfied with the massager.

InstaShiatsu Foot Massager by trueMedic

If you are searching for an affordable foot massager, then InstaShiatsu from trueMedic is the best option for you.

This is a new generation massager specially designed for people with regular leg pain.

It comes with a deep massage function that reduces the stress level and makes you feel relaxed in no time.

People have no time to go to the spa or massage center if they experience regular leg pain.

With trueMedic’s InstaShiatsu Foot Massager, you can have a professional foot massage at your home.

You don’t need to book an appointment or travel to the spa center, just remove the foot massage from the cupboard and start using it.

It is way more convenient than any other food massage tool and technique.

The agronomic and unique design of the massager looks pretty attractive.

It is actually very comfortable for your feet and relaxes your stress level in just a few seconds.

InstaShiatsu Air compression Foot Massager review

The heat function on the massager is optional, you can press the heat button to add some more soothing.

This massager is designed with new heat and pressure technology.

With the combination of heat and through air compression and built-in rollers, the massager covers all the parts of your feet.

Thankfully, it comes with three different modes to change the massage technique from mild to intense.

Depending upon the pain and stress level, you can select the massage mode with the convenient buttons on the front.

All the controls are within your hands-reach and you can easily control the massager and can operate the different functions and modes easily.

All the functions and controls are customizable, you can adjust the mode and other functions as per your needs from the touch control panel.

To make it more convenient, the control panel features lights.

Using this foot massager is very easy, all you have to do is just insert your legs into the massager and then press the Power on button.

Next, you need to select the intensity mode and heat function if needed.

You will also be asked to select air pressure and massage mode from the control panel.


  • Agronomic compact-sized foot massager
  • Simple and easy-to-use control
  • Advanced Air Compression technology
  • Optional heat function
  • 3 Built-in massage modes
  • 90-days of a money-back guarantee


  • Some people are complaining about the fitting issue of their legs into the massager.

It’s a fully electric foot massager which uses a powerful lithium-ion battery.

The included battery is rechargeable and you can recharge the battery of this massager by following the battery indicator.

The package includes a brand-new foot massager, a power adapter for recharging the battery, and a user manual along with a warranty card.

This product is backed by the company’s 90 Days money-back guarantee.

You can get a full money refund within 90 days if you are not satisfied with the results claimed by the company.

You can also avail additional warranty on this product by visiting the company’s website or contacting their customer care service.

SereneLife SLFTMSG35 Shiatsu Foot Massager

SereneLife is yet another popular brand in the Foot Massaging industry with a range of different types of foot massagers for all types of consumers and their needs.

The SLFTMSG35 Shiatsu Foot Massager is an ideal choice for those who are searching for an affordable foot massager.

It is designed for economy buyers who have a limited budget but still offer the best massaging experience just like an expensive massager.

The design of this massager is very user-friendly.

It is a compact-sized massager which can be stored anywhere in your room or inside the cupboard.

The main message mode of this massager is air pressure deep kneading. Deep kneading is essential to relieve pressure points stress.

It actually relaxes your muscles with full comfort.

This affordable massager gives you an all-in-one foot massage from heel to toe to ankle.

You don’t need to adjust the massager or your legs, the kneading functionality of the massager covers all the points and parts of your feet during the massaging.

SereneLife SLFTMSG35 Shiatsu Foot MAssager review

Apart from soothing tissue kneading, the massage also includes a heat function.

This gives you a professional spa service by providing extra heat.

It actually releases the stress level in less time and offers a deep massaging experience.

The foot massager is designed for everyone as it serves as a user-friendly interface. It is very convenient and easy to use.

The massager comes with a remote control to select the heat function, massage intensity level, kneading mode, and all the other functions.

You can take full control of the massager and its functions using this remote control.

The LCD screen is also there to see the current mode of massage and heat level.

You can adjust or customize the massage mode and all the other functions to suit your needs.

This multi-purpose and all-in-one foot massager is ideal for all types of people.

Unlike other foot massagers, this massager supports the shoe size of all types of people. It is compatible with people with a shoe size of up to 13.

The design of this foot massager is also very user-friendly.

You can easily clean up the machine with a normal cloth, it will not ask for any maintenance.

The sturdy design ensures long life and better durability. The foot cover of the massager is removable and washable.


  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Built-in heat function
  • Easy-to-use controls with a remote control
  • LCD display
  • Supports the shoe size of up to 13
  • Affordable for everyone


  • The heat function doesn’t work properly

You can quickly remove the cover from the massager and can wash it to reuse it.

It keeps the massager clean and fresh every time you use it.

This lightweight product is backed by the company’s limited warranty from the manufacturer.

You can claim the warranty on this product by visiting the official website.

You can also contact their customer care support team for further information about the warranty period.

RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Shiatsu Foot Massager from RENPHO is designed with advanced Japanese technology to relax your entire body.

This foot massager is suitable for all types of people as it is compatible with shoe sizes up to 12.

Being the latest edition, it uses innovative technology and a combination of heat and air pressure for massaging.

It makes you feel like massaging your feet in the professional spa center.

The massager is ergonomically designed to provide you with maximum comfort without messaging up with other things.

It is an all-in-one foot massager which comes with multiple massaging modes.

You can select the desired massage mode and can start using this machine as per your needs.

It offers a deep-kneading that works on the pressure points and releases tension from there.

It also offers a heated and air-pressure massage that heals your entire body.

The benefits of this foot massager are uncountable and you can actually start living a healthy life by using it regularly.

REHPHO Foot Massager review

The main benefit of this massager is improving the blood flow which releases tension from different points.

It also relieves chronic, foot pain from plantar fasciitis, etc.

The same massager is also used by professional therapists to cure their patients of undefined foot pain.

You will be happy to know that the foot massager helps you to increase the hormone level in your body.

People with an imbalanced hormone level can actually see positive results after using this massager.

If we talk about the innovative features of this foot massager, the control panel of the massager is on the front side which is easily accessible.

You can adjust the intensity of massage as per your preferences from the control panel.

Additionally, you can also adjust the air compression from the massager. Depending on your pain, you can adjust the pressure of air from the control panel.

There is an optional heat function also provided by the manufacturer. You can add some soothing massaging experience by enabling the heat function of the massager.

The cloth cover of the massager is detachable. You can quickly remove it from the massager and can wash it out to keep the machine fresh.

You can fix the cover easily by zipping in, it is very easy and convenient.

Moreover, the built-in timer function automatically shuts off the massager after completing the selected time cycle from 15 or 30 minutes. You can even manually adjust the timer as per your preference.


  • The stylish design looks very attractive
  • Touch button controls make it user-friendly
  • Multiple massage modes
  • Adjustable air pressure
  • Optional heat function


  • The massage intensity level of this foot massager is not that good.

The control panel serves as a user-friendly interface where you can simply use the different functions of the machine with touch buttons.

The stylish design and compact size make it the perfect foot massager for all types of consumers.

This product is backed by the company’s 12-monthly guarantee.

The brand is known for providing exceptional customer care services and good-quality products.

You will never have any issues with this product in the future.

QUINEAR Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat and Deep Kneading Massage

If you are searching for a budget-friendly heat foot massager, then QUINER’s Shiatsu Foot Massager is the perfect massager for you.

It is also one of the smallest foot massagers in the market with a stylish design.

This professional-grade foot massager gives you an all-in-one foot massage with multiple massaging modes.

Unlike another foot massager, this foot massager offers six different air pressure levels which you can select from the control panel as per your preference.

You can easily select from light foot massage to deep kneading from the given massage mode.

This is an advanced heat foot massager which comes with two different levels of heat intensity.

You can also turn this feature off completely if you don’t like the heating function.

In total, there are two different heating modes and 2 kneading modes available which you can select using the touch button.

QUINEAR Shiatsu Foot Massager review

Additionally, this massager comes with a built-in automatic timer that shuts off the machine in 15 minutes and 30 minutes timer.

You can select the timer from the control panel and the machine will work accordingly.

The inner foot cover of the massager is removable. You can quickly detach the cover from the machine and can wash it normally.

You can upload this cover with a zipper.

This multi-purpose foot massager is compatible with people of up to US size 11.

This multi-purpose foot massager is designed to suit the needs of all types of consumers.

No matter whether you are a professional worker, a teenager, a housewife, a driver, or an elder experiencing any type of pain in the foot can use this massager.

The compact and agronomic design lets you use it anywhere you want.

You can even massage your feet while watching a movie in the drawing room or you can even use it while working on the computer desk.

All the functions and modes are easily accessible by the user.

The control buttons are located on the front side just above the foot holes.

The massager covers your entire feet and works on every single pressure point which relieves stress from the feet and makes you relaxed in less than 30 minutes.

With its stylish design and multi-purpose functionality, you can even gift this foot massager machine to your parents, your children, your wife/ husband, or your friends.


  • Compact and the smallest design
  • Comes with two kneading speeds and two heating modes
  • Six Air Pressure functions
  • Emergency Deflate button
  • 100% quality tested


  • Too hard on your feet while massaging.

You can even gift this foot massager to your own self if you really want to live a relaxed life.

This product passed through quality testing and is 100% safe to use with no accidents.

The company provides 24- months of warranty on this product.

You can get it repaired or replaced within the warranty period offered by the manufacturer.

The company is known for providing satisfactory products.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager with Deep-Kneading

Miko is yet another popular brand in the Foot Massaging industry with a range of different types of foot massagers.

The Shiatsu Foot Massager from Miko delivers the best experience of foot massage.

It is a powerful multi-purpose foot massager that heals your feet quickly like no other foot massager.

This massager offers two types of massages to your feet with mild and intense massage.

You can select the massage mode from the control panel.

It saves you a lot of money and time as you don’t have to book an appointment with a professional spa or salon.

You can recover your money in less than a month as it is an affordable machine.

Using this foot massager is very easy as it serves a decent interface with simple functions.

You can easily select the function and massage mode from the touch button.

The machine comes with multiple setting options allowing you to customize the massage function as per your needs.

You can adjust the pressure of the massage and can select a suitable mode from the control panel.

To start using this massager, all you have to do is just insert your legs into the massager, press the Power button and then select the massage mode or its intensity.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager review

The best part about this massager is you can use it anywhere with its compact and portable design.

If you work from home on the computer, you can even use it while working on the computer desk.

With independent foot chambers, it provides a professional foot massaging experience for each leg.

The kneading mode covers every single part and pressure point of the feet which relieves stress and tension and offers a relaxing time ahead.

It is 100% quality tested and offers different types of foot massage services.

With a built-in timer feature, this machine lets you set the timer to automatically shut off the function.

You can shut off the machine within 15 and 30 minutes of time from the control panel.

This massage also comes with an optional heat function. You can select the heat function to add some soothing to your massage.

With five different adjustable pressure levels, you can achieve the perfect pressure to release tension from the pressure points.

What makes this foot massager so much popular is it is compatible with people of different shoe sizes. It is compatible with up to size 12.


  • Easy-to-use and comfortable machine
  • Independent foot chambers
  • Offers a full foot massage
  • 5 Different adjustable pressure levels
  • Optional heating function.


  • The product quality is not that good, doesn’t last long.

The design of this massager is compact and it serves a user-friendly interface allowing everyone to use it whenever they want.

If we talk about the package, you will get the Foot Massager machine, a power adapter, a wireless remote to control the massager and its functions and a user manual to quickly get started with the machine.

This product is backed by the company’s 1 Year limited manufacturer warranty.

You can get it replaced or repaired if it is not working properly claimed by the company for free within the warranty period.

Health Benefits of Foot Massagers

Manages Stress and Anxiety Levels in your Body

In today’s busy world, people have no time to relax their bodies.

In fact, they are always in worry about things and their future goals which makes them unnecessarily stressed out.

We all know that stress is the main reason behind all the diseases and problems in the human body.

When you start massaging your feet regularly, it relieves extra stress from your body automatically.

You will feel fresh and energetic and can actually start living a healthy and happy life.

When your stress gets eliminated, the anxiety level in your body also starts to reduce and you will see the desired results.

By massaging your feet, dopamine and serotonin chemical increases in your body which helps to eliminate stress and anxiety from your body.

Increases Blood Flow and Circulation

The main purpose of using a foot massager is to regulate the blood flow and circulation in the different parts of your feet.

With foot massage, you can provide proper oxygen to those parts which ultimately heal your feet from pain.

It also relaxes the stressed muscles of your feet and makes your entire body relaxed.

Offers Good Night’s Sleep

A regular foot massage increases the level of serotonin chemical which is also known as a hormone for better sleep.

Your brain will notice the level of this chemical or hormone which makes you fall asleep fast.

With regular foot massage, you can actually have a good night’s sleep every night and you don’t have to try out different techniques to sleep faster

Improves your Mood

Most people spend their day in the office or working for their business and end up having a bad day or a day full of stress and their mood level goes down for these reasons.

Just like a head massage, when you start massaging your feet, you can actually improve your mood.

Foot massage releases endorphin which is a feel-good chemical or hormone.

This chemical release stress level from your body and improves your mood.

You will not have to fight with your wife and kids after spending a busy day at the office.

Just spend some time in foot massaging and you will be relaxed and feel good

Other Health Benefits

Apart from all the above-listed benefits, a foot massager can offer some advanced benefits to your body and the other parts.

According to studies and some proven results by professional therapists, foot massagers can help you with neuropathy, arthritis pain, bunion pain, lower back, and menstrual pain. It relieves full-body stress and offers a healthy life.

Massaging Techniques Used by the Foot Massagers

The market is full of competition and we have a range of different types of foot massagers with us designed with different technologies and massaging techniques.

Whenever you decide to buy a new foot massager machine, you need to consider the massaging technique used by the foot massager machine.

Here, we have listed down all the different massaging techniques which are commonly used by the manufacturers to design their new-generation foot massagers.


This is the most commonly used technique of massaging used by most foot massagers.

This technique provides intense massage on feet and calves and finishes its job in less time compared to other techniques.

This technique relieves stressed muscles and knots. It is also used for stretching the muscles on your feet and making them relaxed.

Kneading releases pressure from the feet and heals the pain in no time.


Vibration is the ancient technique of massaging different body parts. You can apply the same technique to massage your feet.

Most foot massagers come with the Vibration massaging technique.

This technique is used for loosening the muscles and stubborn knots from the different parts of the feet.

The same technique helps to release stressed muscles and heals your feet from unbearable pain in no time.

This technique works with the pressure level used by the users.

You can adjust the pressure and this technique will apply suitable vibration to the parts of your feet.


Shiatsu is a Japanese Massage Technique and the world’s manufacturers are using the same technique to help users relieve pain in their feet.

This technique mimics the traditional hand massage technique to loosen stressed muscles and offers relaxation to your body quickly.

This massage technique also combines with other techniques and it uses additional heat or air pressure or natural pressure to work conveniently for the users.

This type of technique is highly recommended for those who live a busy life and have no time to take care of their feet and body.


Infrared Technique is acquired by some major brands.

As the name suggests, this type of technology uses invisible infrared rays which penetrate deeply into the muscles of your feet and this is how it provides natural relief.

Infrared rays improve blood circulation and the flow of blood which ultimately releases stress from your body.


Rolling is yet another ancient technique that is still used by modern massager manufacturers. This technique offers accident-free massaging.

The rolling technique provides constant pressure to certain parts of your feet to warm and loosens up the stressed muscles and stubborn knots.

This type of massager is ideally designed for people who are working as a laborer and have to work by standing on their feet.

The rolling technique provides a deeper massage to relax the muscles and that’s the only reason why it is highly suitable for the laborers and for the people who spend their day in physical activities.


Hydrotherapy is used by professional therapists to cure certain types of pain in the legs and feet.

This technique uses water and bubbles to warm and relaxes your muscles.

This technique is recommended by experts to improve blood circulation.

When you go to a professional spa salon, you will see that the massager used by the salon is using the same Hydrotherapy technique.

It is used by professionals, if you are experiencing some serious pain in your feet, then your physician would recommend you to use the massager with Hydrotherapy technique.


The compression method is yet another commonly used technique for massaging your feet.

In this technique, constant pressure is applied to the painful part or area of the feet to relieve stress and knots.

The same technique is highly used for improving blood circulation in the human body.

Even professional therapists are using this technique to loosen up body muscles of different parts.

Types of the Foot Massager

We people have different foot sizes and to match up with our foot size and its requirements, manufacturers produce different types of foot massagers.

If we talk about the design type, they come in two different types of I.e. Open Design and Closed Design. Let’s understand more about the design types.

Open Design Foot Massager

Open Design Foot Massagers are usually more comfortable and hassle-free than the closed design ones.

In fact, most people would like to go with the Open Design as there are hundreds of options available in the market.

As the name says, an open design foot massage has a deck where you need to rest your feet.

This type of massagers come in a compact size. They are portable and you can carry it along anywhere you go.

It runs smoothly and doesn’t make any noise during the massage time. You can use it even while working on your computer or in the office.

The construction of this type of machine is durable which makes them stable. With an open design, they can’t massage on the calves and that’s the only lack of using an open design massager.

Unlike the standard closed design massager, this type of massage doesn’t require regular maintenance and cleaning.

Closed Design Foot Massager

This type of foot massagers is quite popular across the world due to its massaging technique and comfort. Closed Design foot massager offers better massage therapy than an open massager.

Here, you have to put your feet inside the chamber. A foot massager covers your feet with a special cover.

Since it covers the entire feet of the user, it can massage all the parts of the feet such as soles, heels, ankles, etc.

Advanced foot massagers acquire closed design as they can apply different massaging techniques on it.

You can use multiple massage techniques on this type of massager as per your needs. It also comes with an advanced control panel to control the functions and different massaging modes.

You are allowed to change the intensity settings of massage including the air pressure, the massage technique, the massage mode, and heat.

Heat function usually comes as an optional feature but is very useful to add more soothing.

Massage Application

Foot Massage application is an important thing to consider while you purchasing a new foot massager from the market.

It lets you know what type of foot massager should you buy.

Different manufacturers have different types of applications on their foot massagers and they are designed to work on specific areas of the feet.


Foot Massagers can only massage the foot area of the users I.e. the soles. This type of foot massager targets the area of the sole.

We know that the soles of feet have different pressure points.

If you have any issues or pain in the sole area, then this type of foot massager is perfect for you.

Foot and Ankle

This type of massager usually has a taller design than the traditional foot massagers.

With its taller design, it can provide massage to your ankle area.

With one go, this type of massager can massage your soles and ankles at the same time.

You can use the massager for the sides of the feet and other arches of the feet as per your needs.

Foot, Ankle, and Calf

There are only a few types of foot massagers that cover full-leg therapy.

Some manufacturers are designed to cover your foot, ankle, and calf area at the same time.

It comes with a tilting design that covers the ankle area and calves of the feet as well.

They are versatile enough to work on different areas of the legs which include calves and ankles along with the foot soles.

Buyer’s Guide

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Foot Massager

In today’s modern world, we have hundreds of different types of foot massagers in the market designed with the latest technologies.

Advanced foot massager offers multiple health benefits with full comfort and safety of the users. Depending upon your needs, you can buy the foot massager which runs with the suitable massage technique.

After going through the reviews and above-listed information, there are still some users who can’t decide which foot massager is right for their needs.

To overcome their confusion, here we have prepared a list of things which should be considered by every buyer before they make their final decision. Let’s get on to the list now!

Know your requirements

The first thing you need to know even before exploring the different types of foot massagers is why would you like to purchase the foot massager machine? You have to know the purpose of buying this machine.

The application of foot massager is also different from product to product and you have to check the application and the massage technique of the massager.

Depending upon your needs, you can search for the suitable foot massager from the market.

To evaluate the best foot massager, you need to ask a few questions to yourself. Why do you need a foot massager?

Do you feel pain in the soles and ankles? Does your toe feel stiff? Do you have constant soreness? Etc.

When you know the purpose of buying a foot massager, it will be helpful for you to sort out the suitable foot massagers from the market.

Size and Weight

Foot Massagers come in different shapes and sizes. Once you evaluate the purpose of purchasing a foot massager, the next thing you need to check here is the size and weight of the machine.

Every machine has a limit and they are not suitable on all types of consumers.

For that reason, you need to check the size of the massager. There are massagers which are compatible with the people of shoe sizes up to 14.

Some of them support the shoe size of 10 only. You need to know how many people will be using the massager and their foot sizes.

If you and your family members have a small foot size, then you should not go for the big size machine. You will end up wasting extra money on the things which you actually don’t require.

You should go with the compact-sized foot massager which can accommodate the shoe sizes of you and your family members or other users.


Advanced Foot Massager Machines come with advanced and easy-to-use control panel. Usually, the control panel of the foot massager is located on the front-side of the machine within the reach of the users’ hands. You can easily take full control of the massager with the control panel and its buttons.

However, there are some models which offer remote control function as well. You can operate the different functions and modes of the foot massager using the remote control.

With the remote control, you can change the massage mode, can increase or decrease the massage intensity, can select the different functions of the massager.

Build Quality

The build quality of the foot massager should also be considered as you are going to use it for months and years.

If you go with the high-quality massager, you will get the extra durability on it as it is made from high-grade materials. But you have to pay extra money to buy such a high-quality product from the market.


Foot Massagers are nothing but electronic items which require regular maintenance to work without any hassle in the future.

The foot massagers from the trusted brands come with easy control buttons, removable cover and many other useful features.

With a removable foot cover, the cleaning process of the machine becomes easier. Check whether the machine that you buy comes with a removable feet cover. It would be helpful to you after finishing your massage session.


Different brands offer different types of foot massagers and you have to keep an eye on the price tags of each massager.

You have to set a budget-limit of yours so that you can get the machine under your budget. Since we have hundreds of options available in the market, you should not go with an overpriced product.

Just make a little more search and you will definitely get a suitable product from the market.

Final Verdict:

We all deserve to live a healthy and happy life, but we are not paying enough attention to the things which are actually needed to do so.

Massaging your body part is an ancient technique to heal your body pain and live a healthy life.

Visiting a spa and salon every day for massaging is quite impossible, especially for those who have a busy schedule and live a busy life.

But you can get the spa-like massaging experience by investing in a foot massager machine.

Thanks to the advancements in the technology world, we have so many types of foot massager machines from trusted brands.

We have tried to give you the best of information about the foot massagers and their functionality.

The above list of reviews is prepared for new buyers who can go through the reviews to know more about how the machine actually works and what type of functions and features it covers.

We have included all types of massagers from low-end to premium-end. Go through the list, get useful information, and choose the perfect foot massager now!

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