The Best Miter Saws: Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Miter Saws Reviews and Buying Guide

If you own a personal workshop and have been woodworking, then there are numerous advanced machines and tools available for people like you. Woodworking projects become easier with the use of such advanced tools.

If you are a professional woodworker, then you must know the importance of using a Miter Saw Machine.

Here, we have reviewed the Best Miter Saws to make the selection process easier.

A Miter Saw is a great tool for professional woodworkers who work on different types of projects.

This advanced tool helps users to make angled cuts smoothly.

If you are a creative frame maker, then this machine lets you make angled cuts easily.

It is by far the most popular and versatile tool to have in your workshop.

Experts do believe that you must equip yourself with this handy tool to improve productivity and your business together.

Over the past few years, the need for woodwork has increased as people love to decorate their homes with different types of wood objects.

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Professional woodworkers can make all types of wood products by using such advanced tools. A Miter Saw machine is also known as a Chop Saw Machine.

The machine allows you to put almost any kind of cuts on the wood that you can imagine.

Best Miter Saws Reviews

When you search for a suitable Miter Saw on the market, you will be presented with hundreds of options from the world’s best and most trusted manufacturers.

To narrow down the selection process, and to give you the best Miter Saw from the market, here we have picked the most affordable Miter Saws from the world’s trusted brands.

People who are not aware of this machine can follow our detailed buying guide which is also listed below.

Best Miter Saws Reviews

DEWALT DWS779 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw

When it comes to a power tool or any other industrial tool, then Dewalt comes first.

It is the most popular power tool-making brand with almost all types of advanced tools and machines for professionals of different industries.

The new Dewalt’s Sliding Compound Miter Saw is currently the best-selling Miter Saw on the market which is designed with advanced technology for superior performance.

No matter whether you are a homeowner or just a worker, this Miter Saw fulfills all of your basic requirements.

It’s a compact-size Miter Saw and comes with a set of advanced features to make your woodworking task simpler.

You don’t need to purchase additional tools and machines for angled cuts, as this machine is sufficient enough to work on different cuts and rips on wooden materials.


DEWALT DWS779 12 Miter Saw Review

The compact size makes its design portable to stove it easily inside the workshop or in the garage.

It is easy to transport and you don’t need to spare a separate place to store it.

You can store this machine anywhere in the garden, in the garage, or even inside your home.

This Miter Saw is integrated with Cutline Blade Positioning System.

This is the latest system that provides an adjustment-free cut line.

It also provides better accuracy and visibility while working with small objects.

It comes with an innovative clamping mechanism with dual horizontal steel rails. Linear Ball Bearings provide faster and more accurate cuts the way you want.

Unlike other Miter Saws, this Miter Saw has a unique back fence design and it can cut materials at different angles.

Additionally, it also comes with a super-efficient dust collection system that captures every single particle of dust while cutting wooden materials.

It helps you to keep the working area or the platform clean.

This machine is an ideal one for cross-cutting, molding, cutting framing, and miter cutting.

The base of this machine is made from high-grade stainless steel material which makes the machine extra-durable.


With 15 Amp of the motor, it works super faster and offers powerful performance. The blade runs at 3,800 RPM and cuts through almost all types of materials smoothly. You can do all types of cutting with this machine effortlessly.

This Miter Saw runs with an electric power source and it comes with a power cord. You just need to plug in the cord to a power source to start using it.

The package includes a Miter Saw Machine, Carbide Blade, and Blade Wrench.

A user manual is also provided with proper instructions to get started with the machine. The company is offering a 3 Years Warranty on this Miter Saw.


  • Durable Miter Saw made from high-grade Stainless-steel and Cast-iron
  • Provides accurate cutting
  • Uses 15 Amp motor which runs at 3,800 RPM
  • Portable design, easy to move and store


  • A little heavier
  • Doesn’t offer precise cutting.

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Hitachi C10FCH2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

The Compound Miter Saw from Hitachi provides a smooth, accurate, and precise angled cut with professional-grade results.

If you are into the woodworking industry or a professional DIYer, then this advanced Miter Saw should be there in your tool list. It is designed to make your work easier and improve your productivity.

Its aggressive design attracts professionals who want a sturdy and durable tool for their heavy-duty woodworking tasks.

This machine fulfills all your requirements as it is packed with all the features and functions you might want in an ideal Miter Saw.

Hitachi C10FCH2 15 AMP 10-Inch Miter Saw Review

The C10FCH2 features a powerful 15 Amp motor which provides ultimately faster-cutting performance.

The horizontal handle reduces the vibration of the motor while working.

The motor is silent and it doesn’t make unnecessary noise like other brands.


It’s a multi-purpose Miter Saw which not only works with wooden material, but it also works well with different types of workpieces of wood, plywood, decorative sheets, hardboard, and soft board.

It also works great with aluminum slashes and offers precise cuts with up to 100% accuracy.

Being an advanced Miter Saw, it comes with flexible miter angles and compound cutting capability.

It is designed with Hitachi’s Exclusive Laser Marker System which improves the machine’s accuracy while working on small workpieces of different materials.

This is the most advanced technology in the Miter Saw machine which automatically lines up the laser on the wooden material.

The machine will then cut through the lined area automatically.


The powerful motor generates no-load power on the blade and runs the blade with 5,000 RPM.

This makes the cutting process smooth and accurate without any external effort. The large table base provides ultimate support and makes your tasks easier.

Additionally, this unit also features a dust collector port which collects the dust produced while working on a wooden object. It keeps the working platform clean and dust-free.

The unit weighs just 26.6 Pounds which makes it an ultra-lightweight and easy-to-transport machine.

This unit is compatible with a Miter Stand which can be bought separately.

The box of this unit includes the Miter Saw, 10-Inch TCT Saw Blade, dust bag, extended fence, box wrench, vice assembly, and bar wrench.

It uses electric energy from a power source to work. You can also use a battery to run this machine.

The company is offering 5 Years of Limited Manufacturer Warranty on the main unit and its motor.

Additionally, it provides 30 Day of Satisfaction guarantee as well.


  • Lightweight Miter Saw comes with an aggressive design
  • Designed with Hitachi’s Laser Marker System
  • Powerful 15 Amp Motor
  • 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Build quality is not good as many users have reported a cracked steel base after a few uses of the machine

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Delta S26-263L Shopmaster 10″ Slide Miter Saw with Laser

Delta’s Shopmaster 10-Inch Slide Miter Saw is designed to deliver quick, precise, and super-faster angled cuts.

It is one of the most advanced and powerful Miter Saws on the market which is also a budget-friendly one.

It uses a powerful motor that delivers smooth and accurate cutting performance.

It is designed for the new generation of woodworkers.

It is a lightweight and portable miter saw which can be transported easily. You can store this miter saw in the garage or inside your workshop.

shopmaster-miter-saws-s26-263L Miter Saw Review

It requires very little storage space and you don’t need a companion to transport it.

With its compact design, you can easily carry and store this machine anywhere you want.

Additionally, it is equipped with smart laser guide technology for a precise cutting experience.

You don’t need to mark up wooden sheets or other materials manually, as this laser technology provides convenient laser light to cut down the material as per your requirement. It makes precise cuts quickly in no time.


It is a multi-purpose Miter Saw machine that works smoothly with different types of materials such as wood, panels, plywood, soft board, hardboard, aluminum slashes, etc.

You can use this machine for angled cuts, crosscuts, simple cuts, and many other forms of cutting. It works without the need for any other external tools.


For more precise cuts, the machine has 45 degrees of the bevel. You can adjust the bevel angle and can cut through a variety of materials at ease.

This saw also includes a dust collector that collects up to 90% of dust produced while working on wooden materials. It keeps the surface clean to help maintain control all the time.

It’s an Electric Miter Saw which runs through a power source. It comes with a Power Cord that needs to be inserted into the power plug to start.

You will get all the essential components and useful accessories inside the box.

A user manual is also included in the box with easy-to-follow instructions.

Delta’s Miter Saw is backed by the company’s 3 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty.


  • Lightweight and Portable design
  • Laser Guide Technology
  • Flexible angle range
  • Powerful Performance with 15 Amp motor
  • Bevel angle adjustment from 0 degrees to 45 degrees


  • No ideal for big pieces of wood and other materials
  • Build Quality is not up to the mark

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DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Dewalt is the most trusted brand for contractors and workshop owners.

The brand has got all types of industry-grade tools and machines to help the technicians and workers accomplish their tasks.

The new Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw from Dewalt is designed for such people who can work all alone to unleash their creativity with small workpieces of different woods.

DEWALT DWS780 12inch Miter Saw Review

If you are looking for a sliding compound miter saw, then the DWS780 is the best option for you.

This machine provides precise cuts of all angles as per your requirements.

It is suitable for professional woodworkers and DIYers who work on different types of projects.


It’s a compact-sized Miter Saw which comes with all types of features that you might need in an ideal Miter Saw.

Unlike the traditional Miter Saws, it’s a 12-Inch Miter Saw which is equipped with an advanced miter saw system for smooth and effortless operation.

There is a horizontal handle available on the top side of the Miter Saw which makes the functionality of it easier.

This type of design also reduces vibration while working with different types of wooden materials.


What’s unique in this machine is it comes with an advanced XPS Cross-cut Positioning system that is there to provide adjustment-free cuts.

You don’t need to focus on the adjustment of the material as this system automatically adjusts the blade for the desired cut. It lets you finish your job work quicker.

If you are a professional user of such tools, then you must be looking for quality and durability in this product.

Well, this Miter Saw is made from high-grade stainless steel and cast-iron materials which make the machine extra durable.

It uses a 15 Amp powerful motor which generates 3,800 RPM of blade power to cut through all types of materials smoothly.

You don’t need to apply extra force or pressure, just glide the machine slowly and the blades will put a precise and required cut.

Its unique design lets you cut up to 2 by 16-dimensional lumber at 90 degrees and 2 by 12 at 45 degrees.

It comes with an adjustable fence that lets you adjust and hold the wooden pieces to put precise cuts on it.


  • Hassle-free Operations
  • Easy-to-use machine with simple functions
  • Offers high-capacity cutting
  • Ultimate Durability
  • 3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • 90 Days Moneyback Guarantee


  • Lacks adjustable bearings
  • The slide function gets stuck some times

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Makita LS0815F Slide Compound Miter Saw

Makita is yet another trusted brand in the industry with all types of industry-grade tools and machines for different types of professional workers.

If you are looking for an advanced Miter Saw, then Makita’s LS0815F Slide Compound Miter Saw is here for you.

With its aggressive design, it looks just stunning. It offers smooth, fast, and ultimate results with less effort.

It’s a compact size Miter Saw Machine which makes it easier for the users to transport and store it anywhere they want.

It requires less storage space and can be moved from one place to another easily.

This Miter Saw uses a powerful 10.5 Amp Direct Drive functionality. It rotates the blade faster and cuts down all types of materials smoothly.


Makita LS0815F Compound Miter Saw Review

It features a smaller blade as it is specially designed for DIYers and homeowners.

However, the performance is quite powerful and works well with all types of projects efficiently.

This Miter Saw is here to offer quicker, faster, and smoother performance with portability. It is suitable for a range of cutting applications.

It is best suited for carpentry, molding installation, general construction, and many other applications.

It’s a versatile product designed for the new generation of users.

It features a bright LED light to illuminate the working area.

You can work in low light or in the dark with this machine.

The design features Linear Ball Bearing which also provides accuracy while working on different cutting-related applications.

It’s a fully Electric Miter Saw which requires a power source to start. It comes with a power cord and you just need to plug it into the power source.


If we talk about its cutting capacity, the Makita’s Miter Saw machine cuts up to 12 Inches at 90 degrees and 8-½ Inches at 45 Degrees. It can be adjusted manually, there is a separate pin available to adjust and use this machine.

There is a start button available on the body which allows you to start and stop the Miter Saw as per your needs.

This Miter Saw provides consistent power and performance which makes it an ideal Miter Saw for big applications or big wooden projects.

The package includes all the essential accessories and components along with a user manual to get started with the machine for the first time.

You will also get a limited manufacturer warranty on this machine and its parts.


  • Lightweight and Compact size portable design
  • Direct Drive Motor of 10.5 Amp
  • Ultra-smooth performance with no effort
  • Linear Ball Bearing System


  • Soft start can be the pain for some users
  • Not suitable for big applications

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Bosch 10-Inch 15-Amp Dual Bevel Axial-Glide Compact Miter Saw

The Bosch 10-Inch Miter Saw is an exclusive dual bevel Axial-Glide Compact-sized Miter Saw on the market.

This machine comes with an innovative Axial-Glide system which makes it easier to move the blade and put an accurate cut on the desired material.

The compact size of the Miter Saw allows easy transportation and storage.

The design of this machine provides smooth and accurate cutting in less than 10 Inches of area. It is an ideal machine to work with compact or tight areas.

It uses a powerful 15 Amp motor which generates power of 4,800 rpm for the ultimate performance.

No-load RPM provides ultra-smooth rotations which enable the blades to glide smoothly on the selected material.

It features a range selector with an all-level lock lever for enabling fast and easy settings.

You don’t need to change your position for adjusting the bevel as this lever is located on the front side of the miter saw.

The sliding fences on the unit are extra tall for easy sliding of the fence as per the requirements. It also increases crown molding capacity.


bosch-miter-saws-cm10gd miter saw review

Unlike other Miter Saws, Bosch’s Miter Saw features an easy lock and chop functionality.

This function locks the head so that it can’t move in during the cutting process.

It makes the cutting process smooth and steady.

The adjustable miter detent features easy-to-read markings to set up the cutting as per your needs.

To keep the Miter Saw clean and free from dust, it features a separate dust collector port.

You can attach a dust collection bag or even a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris produced by the machine.

It reduces the vibration and provides the ultimate control to the Miter Saw machine.

The Click and Clean button easily remove the dust collection bag from the machine.


This machine comes with an agronomic ambidextrous trigger handle which lets you take full control of the blade and the machine.

Just press the trigger button to start the motor and the blade and release it to stop the Miter Saw.

The design of this machine provides maximum comfort while working for different applications.

It’s an electric Miter Saw which comes with a power cord. Just plug in the power cord to the power source and start using it.

It is not compatible with an external motor, you are not allowed to use it wirelessly.

All the essential components and a user manual are included in the box.

The company is offering 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty on this Miter Saw product.


  • The aggressive design looks stunning
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Easy to use functions
  • Designed with the latest Axial-Glide System
  • A built-in Dust Collection bag


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Not ideal for big pieces

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These are the most affordable Miter Saws available on the market from the world’s best and most popular brands.

Make sure you go through the reviews of each product listed above, as the above list is prepared to shorten the selection process.

Out of all the types of Miter Saws, the above-listed products are highly recommended by the experts.

Follow the reviews and pick the one which suits your needs.

If you are a new user of the Miter Saw, and couldn’t decide which Miter Saw is perfect for you and your type of application, then you must gain some basic knowledge about the Miter Saws before you purchase one from the market. Let’s understand the basic types of the Miter Saws first.

Types of Miter Saws

A Miter Saw is an important tool to have in your workshop as it comes with a lot of benefits to accomplish different woodworking projects with ease.

If you are into the woodworking industry, then you probably know how important a Miter Saw machine is!

Well, there are some users who are new and don’t know anything about the Miter Saw machine at all.

When it comes to picking a brand-new Miter Saw from the market, then there are three different types of Miter Saws available on the market.

Each of these is different with respect to its functions, pricing, and features.

For the very same reason, you must know about their basic functionality first, before you can finalize one from the market.

Let’s check them out now!

Standard Miter Saws

Standard Miter Saws are the most common type of Miter Saws on the market.

It is mounted on a base and features a blade on an arm. This type of Miter Saws can cut from –45 degrees to +45 degrees.

Unlike other types, the Standard Miter Saws are easy to use and they come with fewer features than the advanced miter saws.

They are light in weight and designed for all types of users as it doesn’t cost high. They are portable and easy to transport.

Compound Miter Saws

A Compound Miter Saw is an advanced Miter Saw which comes with a bevel for compound cutting on different materials.

The bevel comes with an adjustable lever which lets users adjust its level and angle as per the requirements.

It’s a multi-purpose miter saw which is there for beveled and angled cuts.

Compound Miter Saws are designed to put a precise compound cut hassle-free.

You don’t need to waste your time for the perfect compound cut as soon as you are using a Compound Miter Saw.

Design-wise, a Compound Miter Saws doesn’t look odd and carries the same design as the standard miter saw.

However, it features a bevel and a different base which lets you adjust the cutting angle.

It also comes with a tilt blade mechanism allowing users to adjust the blade angle as well.

It makes the cutting process much easier. It’s an ideal Miter Saw for professionals.

Sliding Compound Miter Saws

Sliding Compound Miter Saws are the most advanced and latest type of Miter Saws. It’s an improved edition of the Compound Miter Saws.

If we talk about the functionality, the Compound Miter Saws come with some limitations and they are not capable enough to work with all types of cuts.

However, the new Sliding Compound Miter Saws comes with a set of different functions allowing users to put all types of cuts on a variety of materials with accuracy.

Unlike the Standard and Compound Miter Saws, the Sliding Compound Miter Saw comes with an independent arm.

The blade and arm are fitted on the sliding mechanism which is movable.

They offer double to triple the capacity of cutting compared to the Standard and Compound Miter Saws.

The only thing you may not like about this type of Miter Saws is, they cost high and come with many functions that may not help you or are not useful to you.

These are the types of Miter Saws available on the market. I think you have gained enough knowledge about the Miter Saws and their types.

Depending on your basic requirements, you can pick the suitable type from these three options.

Things You Should Know About the Miter Saw

There are hundreds of different types of Miter Saws available on the market.

When you know about the basic functions of the Miter Saw, it will be really helpful to you to pick the suitable Miter Saw from the market.

Before purchasing anything from the market, you should know the basic things and functions of that product so that you can get the best one from the market.

Here, we have listed down the things which you should know about the Miter Saw Machine.

Power of the Machine

The power of the Miter Saw Machine is measured in Amp. Most Miter Saws come with 15 Amp of Motor which generates enough power to cut through hardwood and other types of wood smoothly. The more Amp motor, the more power it generates.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty Miter Saw, then you should check for this feature first.

Pick the machine which comes with at least 15 Amp of Motor so that it can rotate the blade at up to 4,000 rpm.

If you are a workshop owner and a DIYer, then you can even choose the 10 Amp motor in the Miter Saw.

They are sufficient enough for basic cutting. Depending on your requirements, you should pick a suitable motor type.


Most Miter Saws come with an electric brake which is an essential safety feature in the Miter Saw.

Electric Brake comes with a trigger, when you press the trigger, the motor will start rotating the blades in reverse.

It will stop immediately when you press the trigger which prevents accidents while working on a complex task.


Fences are essential in a Miter Saw machine especially if you are working on big projects or a larger wooden piece.

Fences are there to add extra support while cutting a larger piece of wood.

Fences can be removed as well and they are located on a single side of the Miter Saw.

Blade Guards

Blade Guards is also another safety feature that you should check before purchasing a Miter Saw.

Blade Guards cover the rotating blades and keep you protected while working on a particular project.

Your fingers and hands will be protected with the blade guard.

Usually, a blade guard is attached to the miter saw with a screw.

You just need to remove the screw to detach the blade guard if you don’t find it useful.

Positive Stops

Advanced Miter Saws feature positive stops for precise cutting. A user can set the points on the machine which stops the blades automatically.

Multiple Positive Stops on a Miter Saw are good for the users as it provides more accuracy while working with small objects or small wooden pieces.

Dust Collector

Different Manufacturer offers different dust-collecting mechanism on their Miter Saw Machines.

Some Machines come with a built-in dust collection bag, while the other machines come with a dust-collector port where you can manually attach the bag or a vacuum cleaner as per your needs.

It’s a good feature in a Miter Saw machine as it keeps the working area clean and improves productivity.

Shaft Locks

Shaft Lock is also an essential feature for those who work on different types of projects.

This feature allows users to quickly change the blades of the Miter Saw while keeping the main unit locked down.

It makes the blade-changing process easier.

Extension Table

The extension Table is there to give you more space while working.

If you are working with a larger wooden sheet or big object, then you can easily extend the table which is attached to a Miter Saw.

Laser Guide System

An advanced Miter Saw Machine Features Laser Guide System which is there to improve the accuracy.

Laser light will be there on the wooden piece to make precise cuts without losing track.

It’s a very good feature as it doesn’t need any markings on the wooden piece.

Safety Tips While Using a Miter Saw

A Miter Saw machine is designed to cut pieces and angled cuts on a variety of materials.

It uses a sharp carbide blade that rotates at 4,000 rpm with a powerful motor.

If you are a new user and don’t aware of the machine and its functionality, then you must learn how to use a Miter Saw machine safely.

It can be a dangerous machine for beginners as the rotating sharp blade can cut off your fingers and hands if not taken properly care of.

It is important for users to follow the safety tips given below to protect their bodies from grave injuries.

Let’s check out the list of safety tips while using a Miter Saw Machine.

Safeguard yourself with Clothes

While working with different types of tools, you should first secure yourself with proper clothing.

Make sure you wear comfortable and protective clothes.

Since you are using your hands, make sure you get yourself fully protective hand gloves.

Wear a Dust Mask

A Miter Saw is designed to work with a variety of wooden materials. While working with different types of wood, the machine produces dust of small wooden particles.

Make sure you wear a protective dust mask to avoid breathing such particles.

People who have breathing issues should never use any type of saw without wearing a mask.

Wear Protective Sunglasses

Sunglasses are also essential in woodworking.

There are dust, debris, and other small particles fly around the atmosphere while working on a particular saw machine. Wearing Sunglasses adds extra safety to your eyes.

Adjusting the Fence

Fence Adjustment is an essential thing to learn to work with any type of Saw.

You can work with more confidence when you have adjusted the fence properly on a Miter Saw machine.

You should not use freehand work as you can take advantage of the Fence.

It also provides a secure cutting place where you can securely add the desired cuts on different types of materials.

Turn off the Saw when not in Use

A Miter Saw runs through Electric Power and hence it comes with a power cord that needs to be inserted in a power plug.

What you need to do here is turn off the power plug button when you have finished your task.

This keeps your kids and animals protected from unwanted accidents. It also keeps things protected from fire with electricity.

Watch Your Hands

Instead of focusing on cuts on the wooden materials, you should focus more on your hands while working with a Miter Saw.

If you don’t take proper care of your hands, you could severely hurt yourself from the faster-rotating blades.

Keep an eye on your hands and always focus on the safety side to prevent severe injuries.

Check the Blade

If the blade is overdate or not sharp enough, you may face many difficulties while working on a wood project.

If the blade gets rusted or ripped off, get it changed immediately to prevent you from major accidents.

Avoid Water

A Miter Saw runs through Electric Power and for that reason, you should keep the Miter Saw away from water.

When the machine gets wet with water, it may cause a short circuit.

Always choose to work in dry spots while working with any Electrical Tools.

Keep the working area illuminated

Always work in broad daylight or keep the working area of the machine illuminated with LED lights.

Some modern Miter Saws come with built-in LED lights and you should also use external LEDs to keep things going smoothly.

Choose a Safe Place to Store the Miter Saw

Since you are going to use the Miter Saw regularly, you should pick a safe and secure spot in your home or in your garage where you can store it securely.

Make sure your kids and animals stay away from this place.

Final Verdict

A Miter Saw is indeed an essential Tool for Woodworkers and professional DIYers.

If you really wish to buy a reliable Miter Saw from the market, then this post serves everything that you might want to know about this tool.

Go through the buying guide of the Miter Saw machine first and then follow the reviews of the market’s top-selling Miter Saws.

You will definitely get the suitable and affordable Miter Saw from the list.

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