Best Reel Mowers Reviews & Expert Advice

Best Reel Mowers Reviews & Expert Advice

If you truly love nature, then you also know how to take care of it. Most nature lovers have a backyard full of trees, plants, and beautiful lawns. Nature provides the best medicines and heals your mood in seconds.

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To take care of the lawn of your garden, you must be equipped with advanced tools and machines.

If you are searching for a new mower to take care of your garden, then we would recommend you go with the Reel Mower.

Reel Mowers work differently than motorized mowers.

This type of model is highly recommended for those who have a large garden and looking for a hassle-free cutting tool.

The Reel Mower features multiple blades that rotate vertically.

They are suitable for larger areas such as Golf courses etc.

In today’s modern era, you can find out numerous models of Reel Mowers from different manufacturers.

They come in different shapes and sizes and offer different functionality. They also offer extra features to attract new consumers.

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People who are searching for a new Reel Mower should consider this post as a life-saver one as we have included everything about the Reel Mowers along with the buying guide.

We have also picked up some of the bestselling Reel Mowers from the market which are trusted by hundreds of their real users. Let’s collect some more information about this tool first.

What is a Reel Mower? 

A Reel Mower is a grass-cutting tool that cuts down the grass with its built-in blades.

This type of model uses multiple blades and acts with scissors to cut down the grass from the garden or backyard.

There are so many types of models available on the market with the number of blades from two to seven.

Depending on your basic requirements, you can go with a suitable type of Reel Mower.

This will give you the best lawn-cutting experience with 100% satisfaction.

Best Reel Mowers Reviews

Without further ado, let’s get on to the list of the Best Reel Mowers on the market.

We have provided full product reviews here which you can follow to know the details about these models.

It will help you to decide which Mower is suitable for your needs.

American Lawn Mower Company 1815-18 18-Inch Push Reel Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower is known for its quality products and has been in the market since 1895.

If you are searching for a new Reel Lawn Mower for your gardening needs, then American Lawn Mower’s 18-Inch Push Reel Lawn Mower should be the ideal option for you.

It is highly recommended by its users because of its superior performance and long life.

This newly designed Reel Mower offers a precise Scissor Action cut that cuts down grass evenly.

It has a wide 18-Inch cutting path which finishes the cutting task in no time.

If you have a large garden or area to cover, then you can use this tool there too. It will take a little longer than a small-sized garden.

The design of this lawnmower is familiar as it comes with a decent user interface.

Anyone can easily start using this tool as it doesn’t come with any digital functions.

It’s a fully manual lawn mower that offers superior grass-cutting performance.

American Reel Lawn Mower 1815 18 inch review

It’s a lightweight and affordable model that uses a 5-blade functionality to cut down the grass.

Being light in weight, it can be easily maneuvered by the user.

The same model is available in three different width sizes of cutting.

Depending on your basic requirements, you can pick a suitable size for your needs.

The cutting height of this model is ½-Inch to 2-¼- Inch which can be adjusted as per your needs.

It features an adjustable 7-section roller that lets you easily adjust the cutting height of the model.

Furthermore, the 10-Inch durable composite moving wheels with radial tread tires add up an extra grip while maneuvering it on different terrains.

Most of the parts of this model are made from either stainless steel or heavy-grade metal materials.

It ensures great durability of the model which lasts for years.

Interestingly, this model doesn’t ask for any type of maintenance for months.

However, you need to take care of proper cleaning of it regularly.

For beginners, this model features tool-less height adjustment.

It features an easy-to-use lever on the front side which adjusts the cutting height of the model.

For the comfort of the users, it has an agronomic cutting handle.

This mower features a 5-blade tempered steel ball-bearing reel offering consistent cutting.

You don’t need to think about your safety while using this mower as it is a manual model and you have all the control to use it the way you want.

This model is backed by the company’s 2-Year limited manufacturer warranty.


  • Easy-to-use Lawn Mower
  • Comes with precise scissor action cut with the 5-blade mechanism
  • 18-Inch wide cutting
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Easy-to-push
  • Maintenance free
  • No gas or fuels required


  • Some users complained about the poor performance of this mower in different types of grass in the garden.

Greenworks 20-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

Greenworks is a popular company in this particular industry with so many different types of tools and machines.

If you are searching for a Reel Lawn Mower, then Greenworks’ 20-Inch Push Reel Lawn Mower is here for you.

This Reel Lawn Mower is known for its superior performance and great build quality.

It’s a fully manual mower that requires a little more effort than the standard mowers which are electrically powered.

However, it serves as a user-friendly interface where you don’t have to operate anything.

It’s a manual mower that runs as your push from the handle.

Greenworks 20 inch 5 blade push reel lawn mower review

The cutting path of this model is 20-Inch which is enough to cover a wide area of the garden.

You can cut down lawns from the larger area in less time.

It also comes with great stability so you will never get bored or stressed out even if you use it for hours in your garden.

Its innovative 2-in-1 design makes it easier for users to collect the grass.

It offers both, mulching and rear discharging which makes the entire task quicker.

The functionality of this model is very user-friendly as it comes with nine different height adjustment levels.

Depending upon your height and requirement, you can easily select the height level and can adjust it quickly.

It is suitable for all types of grass. No matter whether your garden has standard grass or some other type of grass, it can cut down all types of grass smoothly.

All you have to do is adjust the cutting height of it precisely.

Unlike the standard mowers, this new generation reel mower comes with four wheels.

It ensures great stability and better functionality of the machine.

Since it comes with a collection bag, it features two extra wheels on the rear side.

The 10- Inches of front-wheels and 6- Inches rear wheels make it easier for the users to maneuver it.

You can quickly transport the machine from one place to the other without any hassle.

It uses high-grade stainless steel and plastic materials which ensures great durability. It is designed to work for years without any maintenance.

If you are a true gardener and love to keep your garden’s lawn fresh and healthy, then this model is the best one for you.

It runs without fuel and makes no noise while cutting the grass.

Furthermore, this model is backed by the company’s four years limited manufacturer warranty which is double compared to the other brands.


  • Easy-to-use functions
  • 2-in-1 functionality for mulching and rear discharge
  • 9 positions for height adjustment
  • Performance faster with 20-Inch wide path
  • No fuels required offers pollution-free cutting


  • The quality of the wheels is not good.

Great States 815-18 18-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

The Great States provides a range of Reel Lawn Mowers to satisfy the needs of all types of consumers.

No matter what type of grass or lawn your garden has, Great State’s 815 Push Reel Lawn Mower can cut down all types of grass precisely.

It is currently the most affordable reel lawn mower on the market.

It uses the standard 5-blade ball bearing reel which is attached with an adjustable plate.

You can achieve the desired cutting height by using different levels.

It serves as an easy-to-use interface which makes the entire grass-cutting task quick.

Unlike the standard grass cutters, this lawnmower is fully manual.

It doesn’t require any type of additional power source to recharge or to power in.

You can simply use the handle and can cut down the grass manually by pushing it over the grass.

GreatStates 815 18 Inch 5 Blade push Reel Lawn Mower review

It comes with an extra-wide 18-Inch cutting width.

You can quickly finish the grass-cutting job in a few minutes.

It is also suitable to work in big gardens with a wide area.

There are two composite wheels of 10 inches available to easily maneuver the mower.

What makes this mower so much popular in the market is its construction and great build quality.

The entire mower is made from high-grade metal materials and it offers great durability.

The blades are made from heat treat alloy steel.

This technology keeps the sharpness of the blades as it is for a longer time.

The handle of this mower is also designed carefully to offer maximum comfort to the users.

The loop-style handle makes it easier to hold and move the mower without any hassle. It is covered by soft cushioned material to keep your hands safe.

The entire functionality of this mower is very easy as it doesn’t require any operations.

The tool-less assembly makes its functionality easier for everyone.

Moreover, it’s a lightweight model and also compact in design.

You can store it anywhere you want in the garden or in the garage or showroom.

Moreover, it doesn’t make unnecessary noise during the cutting process.

It offers smooth and silent operation with no gas or fuel. This product is backed by the company’s 1-Year Limited Warranty.


  • Lightweight design
  • Low maintenance with less hassle
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Extra-wide cutting width
  • Easy to handle and operate with a cushioned handle


  • Works with low grass only, reported by its users.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20 Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools provides all types of Power Tools for all types of professionals.

If you’ve been a gardener or love to take care of your personal garden, then you must be equipped with a reliable Lawn Mower.

The 2000-20 Classis Push Reel Lawn Mower from this brand has gained good popularity due to its durability and great performance.

Unlike the standard mowers, this lawn mower features four wheels, I.e. two front wheels and two rear wheels which improve its stability on the field.

It also makes it easier for the users to maneuver it throughout the grass-cutting task.

The cutting width of this Lawn Mower is 20 Inches which covers a wide area of the field and finishes the cutting task faster.

This model uses a 5-blade ball bearing reel which offers great performance.

Scotts Outdoor 2000 20 inch push reel mower review

You can clean and even cut every time you use this model with its height adjustment design.

You can adjust the cutting height from three different levels in different fields.

Moreover, this model is loved by thousands of its users because of its great build quality.

It is designed with high-grade metal materials.

The blades are made from heat treat alloy which ensures longer life of it without any maintenance.

You don’t need to change the blades as they will last for years with the same sharpness and cutting capacity.

To make it more comfortable for the users, the company has designed the handle of this mower with a cushioned design.

It makes it more comfortable and easier to move with a little push.

The tool-less assembly doesn’t require any type of tool or special configurations to use it.

All you need to do is just achieve the desired cutting height and that’s it.

The overall functionality of this mower is very easy and anyone can start using it to clean up the garden by cutting down the grass or lawn from the garden or backyard.

It’s a fully manual mower that doesn’t require any type of fuel or special power sources.

It is light in weight and you can store it anywhere you want.

This product is backed by the company’s 2 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty.


  • Easy-to-use Mower with a lightweight design
  • Cushioned-type agronomic handle
  • Simple push functionality to operate it
  • No fuel needed
  • Runs silently
  • Comes with four wheels


  • The back-wheel assembly is very poor.

GreenWorks 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher + 7 AMP Blower

GreenWorks is one of the most popular brands in the Power Tools industry and has all types of power tools for industrial and DIY users.

If you are searching for an all-in-one Lawn Mower, then GreenWorks 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower is the perfect option for you.

This model comes with extra accessories and an innovative design.

It’s a lightweight and compact-sized lawn mower that is suitable for all types of users.

The cutting width of this mower is 16 Inch which is ideal for small gardens and backyards.

You can even use it in the big garden as well. It gets the grass-cutting job done in no time with easy maneuverability.

Unlike the standard models, this mower comes with a 2-in-1 functionality for mulching and collecting grass with a bag.

You don’t need to spend extra time collecting the grass cut by this mower. The bag does the duty for you efficiently.


Moreover, this mower comes with four height adjustment levels.

You can simply adjust the cutting height and can start using this mower in your garden.

It doesn’t require any special configuration or there are no complex functions on it.

It’s a fully manual mower and all it needs is a push.

Yes, you just need to push it and it will do its work for you.

It is compatible to work in all types of grass so you can use it wherever you want.

With its compact design, you can easily take it in your car or can store it in your garden.

To make it more stable on the field, the mower comes with four wheels.

GreenWorks always takes care of the environment and designs its machines and power tools as environment-friendly.

This mower doesn’t require any type of fuel or power source. No fuel, no fumes.

It doesn’t produce any type of harmful fumes or smoke since there is no fuel needed to operate it.

Additionally, this advanced mower is designed for all types of consumers. It comes with an affordable price tag.

The company also includes a powerful blower in the package to move away from the grass cut by this mower from the field.

GreenWorks is the most trusted brand in this industry and hence the products of this brand are backed by a good warranty period.

This Reel Lawn Mower is backed by the company’s 4-year warranty.


  • Impressive design with compact-size
  • Four wheels add more stability
  • Attached rear bag
  • 4 position height adjustment
  • Affordable pricing


  • Some users are complaining about poor construction.

American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14 14-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower Company manufactures different types of Lawn Mowers to satisfy the needs of its customers.

If you are searching for a light-duty and compact-sized lawn mower for your backyard or a small garden, then the 1304 model from American Lawn Mower suits perfectly well for you.

Being compact in design, this mower comes with 14 inches of cutting width.

It uses the standard 5-blade ball bearing reel which offers powerful cutting performance with no hassle.

For easy maneuverability, it features 8” composite wheels on the front side.

American lawn mower company 14 inch 5 blade Push reel mower review

This mower is designed for all types of consumers which is why it comes with different height adjustment levels.

You can easily adjust the height of the blades and it will cut down the grass accordingly.

It runs smoothly and offers even cuts throughout the garden.

Moreover, the blades of this mower are made from high-grade heat treatment allow which keeps their sharpness as it is for years.

You will not have to maintain the blades or replace them for years.

Unlike the standard mowers, this mower comes with a T-shape handle.

The handle is designed with cushioned functionality which makes it more comfortable during the cutting process.

The toolless assembly makes the entire grass-cutting process simpler.

You just need to push the mower using the handle and it will start cutting down the grass.

It’s a fully manual mower that runs without fuel. It works without tools and its easy-to-operate functionality makes it more user-friendly.

This product is backed by the company’s 1 Year limited manufacturer warranty.


  • Best for all types of grass
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • T-Shape handle adds more comfort
  • High-quality blades
  • Low maintenance


  • The cutting width is just 14”, not suitable for big gardens.

Great States 415-16 16-Inch, 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower, 16-Inch, 5-Blade

The Great States 415 is a Classic Push Reel Lawn Maker with a reliable build for all consumers.

This is an ideal mower for those who want to keep their garden or backyard clean with proper grass.

This mower cuts down all types of grass efficiently and offers the best cutting performance with zero maintenance.

You will get a 16-Inch cutting width which is ideal for all types of gardens and backyards.

It gets the cutting task done in less time with less hassle.

GreatStates 16 inch 5 Blade Push Reel Mower review

You can adjust the cutting height of this mower manually.

It comes with different height adjustment levels which you can achieve easily by using the lever.

The same model is available in different shapes and sizes and compatibility.

However, the 16-Inch model is ideal for everyone.

It uses the same standard 5-blade ball bearing reel which offers even cutting of grass on all types of terrains and grass.

To make the mower more stable and easier to maneuver, it comes with two 10” composite wheels on the front.

The overall design of this mower is quite user-friendly as it is very compact in size and looks like an ordinary model yet offers powerful cutting.

The real advantage of using this mower is it comes with low maintenance functionality, or we can say zero maintenance functionality.

You don’t need any additional power source or something to operate this mower.

All you need to do is just push. Yes, you just need to push it and the grass-cutting process will begin itself.

It is designed with tool-less assembly, it doesn’t feature any keys or any power cord.

Just push it to start and that’s why it is more user-friendly.

Since it doesn’t come with power plugs or a motor, it doesn’t ask for any maintenance.

You just need to clean up the blades using a normal cloth and that’s all it requires.

It is always ready to work for you with its simplest functionality.

This model comes with a compact size and is light in weight, it can be stored anywhere and can be carried with you in your car.

You can even park it in the garage or can hang it on the wall.

This product is backed by the company’s 1 Year limited manufacturer warranty.


  • Simple and easy-to-use functionality
  • Lightweight design
  • Quick and adjustable cutting height
  • High-quality cutting blades
  • Less or no maintenance required


  • The cutting capacity is not good, you will have to walk twice to cut down the grass properly using this mower.

These are the best reel lawnmowers in the market that we reviewed in the above list.

After spending hours of time researching and going through the reviews and feedback of their real users, we have compiled this list.

Hope the above list helps you to choose the suitable Reel Lawn Mower which can fulfill your basic needs of cleaning the garden with clean and even grass.

If you are a new buyer and can’t decide which Reel Lawn Mower should you buy from the above list, then we would suggest you know to gain some more knowledge about this Mower first.

To help you out with your confusion, here we have prepared a detailed Reel Lawn Mower Buying Guide for you.

The following buying guide is prepared for new buyers or beginners who can get all the useful details about their types, their functionality, and how they can get the best of performance from their selected models. Let’s get on to the buying guide now!

Buying Guide 

Reel Lawn Mowers

There are many reasons why people want to buy Reel Lawn Mower instead of buying a motorized one.

Well, if you are someone who doesn’t like the noise of the motorized machines, then Reel Lawn Mower is the best option for you. It runs silently and finishes its job quickly with less mess.

How does Reel Lawn Mower work? 

Unlike the motorized lawnmowers, the functionality of the Reel Lawn Mower is entirely different. The user-base of this type of lawnmower is different and that’s why they always go for the different models of it once their older model dies.

This type of mower uses a set of blades which is equipped with a mechanism that acts like a paddleboat.

When you pull it through the grass, the cutter clip can cut down the grass like scissors. As a result, you will get clean and shiny cuts of the grass.

Most golf courses use Reel Lawn Mowers instead of the motorized ones to maintain the freshness and greenery.

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When you use a motorized mower, you will not get even cut on the grass. The garden or the backyard will look dull and the grass will not shine.

If you really want your garden look fresh and attractive, then you must use the Reel Lawn Mower and not the noisy motorized mowers.

When it comes to buying a new Reel Lawn Mower for your gardening needs, you have to face many difficulties.

Since there are many types of reel lawn mowers from different manufacturers available in the market, choosing the right model is a bit difficult task especially if you have not used it before.

So, the first thing you need to know is the factors that could affect the buying process.

If you don’t know anything about the reel lawn mower, then you will end up buying an inappropriate model which can end up wasting your money.

So better for you to know about every single thing that could help you buy the perfect and suitable model from the market.

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How do you choose the perfect Reel Lawn Mower from the market?

Different people have different expectations and needs from the product they purchase from the market. Apparently, there’s no way we can give you the best reel lawn mower from the market.

For the very same reason, we have provided the mowers of different brands and ranges to suit the needs of consumers of all types.

As a potential buyer, you must get into deeper to dig out more about the product you buy from the market. Consider everything about the particular model and then make your final move.

This way, you will never get disappointed with your purchased item. So the first thing you need to know here is the things which you first consider before buying it.

Important points to be remembered while purchasing a Reel Mower

Reel Lawn Mower is also known as Manual Lawn Mower.

We will explore all the details about the manual lawn mower from the following list so that you can end up buying the best one from the market.

Your requirements 

The first thing you need to consider is knowing your basic requirements for the mower that you are going to buy from the market.

If you don’t know where and how would you use this mower, then you will not get a suitable model for you.

So we would suggest you do a little homework and know your basic requirements for the mower first.

This will also shorten the task of finding the most suitable model.

When you know about your requirement, you can easily sort out the models which can suit your demands and that’s how you can quickly buy the perfect model for you.

Cutting width 

The cutting width is the area that the mower covers on the ground.

If you have a small garden or backyard to take care of, then you should go with the 14” model.

When you pick the larger cutting-width model, it will become heavier and will require extra power to move it.

So whenever you decide to buy a mower, always consider medium cutting width as it will become easier for you to maneuver and move from one place to the other.


Also, consider the weight of the mower while buying a new model.

It’s a manual mower and you have to push it with your hands to cut down the grass.

If you choose a heavy-duty model, you will have to apply extra force to move it.

Depending upon your body weight and strength, choose the suitable model which can be easily pushed by the user.

Cutting Heights 

Most Lawn Mowers come with adjustable cutting height levels.

When you have this feature on the mower, you can easily adjust the cutting height as per your requirement.

You can use it while cutting different types of grass in your garden.

It’s an important feature to consider especially when there are different types of grass present in your backyard to the garden to cut.

Number of Blades

Reel Lawn Mowers are available in different types and they use a different set of blades.

Most mowers come in three different types of blades.

Generally, Reel Lawn Mowers come in four blades, five blades, and seven blades which are equipped in a ball bearing reel.

When it comes to choosing the type of blades on a mower, you need to first determine the type of grass in your garden.

Grass Spray Direction 

Different models have different cutting functionality on the grass.

Check whether the mower sprays grass in the front or rear.

This will help you to decide whether to pull or push the mower.


Reel Lawn Mower is a manual mower and you have to move it with your own force while cutting down the grass.

The mower comes with composite wheels which makes the entire functionality of the mower easy for the users.

You can maneuver the mower with less effort when the mower equips good-quality wheels.

Also, check the quality of the wheels and their size as well.

Most manual mowers come with 10” wheels; however, you can also get 8” mowers.

Some manufacturers offer four wheels, 2 big wheels on the front and 2 small wheels on the back to make it more stable.


Manual Mowers run through manual force.

To move the mower, there is a handle available that helps you push or pull it easily.

The handle type of mowers is different from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If you go with the light-duty mower, it will come with a T-shape handle.

Also, check the grip of the handle. Most mowers feature a handle covered with a cushion.

You can consider checking the type of handle and its protection as well.

Reel Lawn Mower Advantages

Runs without Fuel or Electric Energy 

There are so many types of Lawn Mowers available on the market which use batteries and electric powers. There are some fuel-based and motorized mowers also present on the market.

You will have to invest more money to run the motorized and battery-powered mowers. However, Reel Lawn Mowers are fully manual. They run without fuels and batteries.

For most users, Reel Lawn Mowers work as an Electric Lawn Mower. Just like the advanced electric mowers, the reel lawn mower comes with height adjustment and other features that make them compatible to work on different types of grass.

It saves you a lot of money in the long run as you don’t have to use electricity or gasoline or any other type of fuel to run it.

Better for the health of your grass 

Compared to power rotary mowers, reel mowers maintain the quality and health of the grass. This is a highly motivating factor for those who really take care of their garden.

Power mowers cut the grass by chopping with the blades; while manual mowers cut the grass like scissors. It uses the clippings method to cut down the grass.

Chopping and torning of the grass make the garden look vulnerable and it also affects the health of your grass.

While the grass cut through manual mower heals faster and always shines. It makes your garden look beautiful.

Offers noise-free operation 

Power rotary mower uses a motor and electric power or battery power or fuel which is very noisy. They are loud and very heavy.

If you are a true nature lover then you would not like to go with such noisy models which also creates noise pollution around.

On the other hand, manual mowers run quietly without making any noise. There is no motor or engine in the manual mower.

All you will hear while cutting down the grass through this mower is satisfying noise like using a scissor.

You can even use it in the early morning or whenever you want without disturbing your neighbors or creating noise pollution.

Pollution-free operation 

Since manual mowers don’t use any type of fuel, it offers pollution-free grass cutting operation. The mower itself makes no noise and doesn’t generate any fumes or smoke while operating it on the ground.

Most people concern about pollution and they avoid using products emitting pollution. If you are a true nature lover, then you would never buy a power rotary mower which emits unnecessary pollution.


Unlike the Power Rotary Mowers, Push Reel Mowers offer hassle-free cutting of all types of grass. They are designed with simplicity and offers the simplest functionality to cut down grass.

It works with a simple mechanism where you push the mower and the reel moves the blades around the grass. That’s what you have to do in order to cut down the grass.

When you use the power rotary mower, you will have to think about the power source or fuel of the machine first.

You will never have to spend your money on buying gas or fuel or electricity, you can use it manually with no extra expenses.

Less maintenance or no Maintenance

Maintenance is the most crucial thing to consider while buying anything from the market. When you use a particular machine or product, you will have to maintain it properly to keep it running for more days or months or years.

Manual mowers offer maintenance-free operation. Since they come with tool-less assembly, you don’t have to use different types of tools to operate or configure the mower. The only maintenance a manual mower requires is the sharpening of the blades.

You will have to take very good care of the blades’ sharpness on the manual mower. New generation models use heat treated alloy blades which offer constant sharpness of the blades. Still, you have to keep an eye on the sharpness of the blades.

Also, you have to check the wheels and provide proper care to them every time you use it. If they are stuck, you better grease them out so that they can move freely on the ground.

Low cost / Budget-friendly

Compared to the Power Rotary Mowers, Manual Mowers are cheaper. You can get the best of the manual mower for around $100 from the trusted brand. While the cheapest model of the Power Rotary Model cost double.

Also, you have a wide range of options to choose from as the manual mowers come in different shapes and sizes. You can get the perfect model under a budget price tag.

Additionally, you will not have to spend extra money on fuel or electric energy. So in the long run, you will end up saving a lot of money with the manual mower.

Offers User’s Safety 

Manual Mower doesn’t come with the engine or motor or any other tools which can be harmful to you. According to studies, thousands of users have been died using a power rotary mower with accidents.

Manual mowers run without electricity or fuel. They are absolutely safe to use and free from accidents. You can finish your cutting task in less time.

The only thing you need to care about is moving the mower in the right direction and not on someone’s leg.

Keeps your body well-maintained

Most people avoid exercising which is important for their health. When you buy a manual mower and start using it, it burns up extra calories from your body and maintains it.

This mower is man-powered and it requires your efforts to push and pull it on the ground with the help of the handle and wheels.

Most popular Reel Lawn Mowers Brands

When it comes to buying something from the market, most people would advise you to go with a quality brand.

Branded products are trusted by millions of their users and they come with great build quality and long-lasting life.

All quality brands offer an additional warranty on their products which offers one more reason to buy them.

In this competitive market, there are numerous types of manual mowers available from different types of manufacturers.

What you need to do here is search for the best brand first.

Here we have listed down the most popular brands manufacturing different types of Lawn Mowers for their consumers.

Reel Lawn Mowers Brands 

  • American Lawn Mower
  • GreenWorks
  • Great States
  • Scotts Outdoor Power Tools
  • Is Reel Mower right for me?

You have to accept the fact that everyone is different and so do their expectations.

The Reel Mowers are not designed for everyone.

For some users, power machines are better as they deliver quicker cutting with high performance.

If you are still confused about choosing the manual mower, then you first figure out the following things.

If you have a small garden or backyard with less than an acre area, then manual mowers are considered best for you.

According to experts and regular users, there will be no hassle when you use it for a small-sized garden.

However, if you have a large garden, then this manual mower can’t help you out.

If you have a limited area to mow, then we would definitely suggest you buy a Reel Mower instead of an expensive Power Rotary Mower.

Apart from this, Reel Mowers spray clippings of grass on the garden which you have to collect or clean up manually.

Cleaning up or collecting the clippings requires extra time which most people don’t like.

If you don’t want to do extra work, then a manual mower is not for you.

There is some manufacturer that offers Manual Mowers with a collection bag attached at the of the reel.

It collects the grass and finishes the cutting task in less time.

Additionally, Reel Mower doesn’t work on overgrown grass. If your garden area has a lot of bumps, then this mower will not give you its best.

You will have to end up disappointed if the garden has a lot of bumps and overgrown grass.

A manual mower doesn’t work well in such circumstances.

If you have a well-maintained garden with small grass, then manual mowers will give you the best performance.

It also helps in maintaining the health of your grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are people who post regular queries on various forum sites and e-commerce websites regarding manual mowers.

Here we have answered the most common questions asked by new buyers of Reel Lawn Mowers.

Question 1: Should I consider cutting the width of the mower? 

Of course! The wider the cutting width, the more grass it will cut in each move. Since wide cutting width covers a larger area of the ground, it can cut extra grass with the same amount of energy.

If you have an extra-large garden or backyard to cover and maintain using the manual mower, then you have to go with the wide-cutting width model.

Question 2: Which model should I buy, electric or a manual? 

If you have an extra-large area with an uneven surface, then an Electric or gas-powered mower is best for you.

However, there are some disadvantages to using such models as they make noise and require extra power which a manual mower doesn’t take.

Manual mowers are hassle-free and they work without fuel and extra accessories. When you use an electric mower, it will also consume extra energy.

It will keep the motor on even if you are not cutting down the grass.

So, we would recommend you to go with the Manual mower as it comes with a lot of advantages which you will never get from an Electric or Gas-powered Mower.

Question 3: Which brand is best for my garden?

It’s a typical question as there is no particular brand for a particular grass type.

Most mowers are versatile models as they can cut all types of grass effectively.

However, you can check more about the models and the grass types they cut on their e-commerce sites or from their websites.

Question 4: Should I Consider the weight of the mower? 

Obviously! The larger the mower is the heavier it will become.

If you have a small garden or small area to mow, then we would not suggest you go with the wider cutting-depth mower.

Go with the compact-sized and small mower. Manual mowers are still lighter than battery-powered or electric mowers.

Question 5: Is Reel Mower good for the health of my grass?

Yes, a reel mower is often good for the health of your grass. Instead of cropping, the reel mower cuts down grass like a scissor.

It keeps the health of the grass maintained and keeps it fresh and shiny.

Question 6: Can I save money using Reel Mower? 

Yes, you can save a lot of money on it. Reel Mowers are free from maintenance and they offer the best performance without the use of fuel or electric energy.

Since you don’t have to use electricity or gas, you will end up saving money with this mower.

Apparently, the overall cost of the reel mowers is also cheaper than the motor rotary mowers. Motor Rotary Mowers require regular maintenance and services which increases their cost.

You will get extra benefits with manual mowers but you have to invest your energy in them.

Final Thoughts:

In today’s modern era, people have so many choices to buy a Reel Mower for their garden and backyard. We thought of serving you with the best of our knowledge about Reel Mowers.

We have provided the market’s best Reel Lawn Mowers reviews in the above article with full details.

For beginners, we have put together all the details of the different types of lawnmowers in the buyer’s guide of Reel Mowers.

Just go through the buying guide of the Manual Mowers and find the most suitable model from the trusted brand listed above. Have a pleasant gardening experience!

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