The Ultimate Guide to Whole House Water Filter

The Ultimate Guide to Whole House Water Filter

Water is the most essential element on planet earth for every human being. Not just human beings, but for every living thing on the planet consume water to stay healthy and live.

If we talk about the human body, the average human body contains around 60% of the water in it.

It is hard to live without the water and for that reason, you need to pay your attention to the quality of water that you consume every day.

It is essential for you to consume healthy and chemical-free water to keep your body healthy and free from the deadliest diseases.

The best solution for you is to install a whole house water filter. In this article, we have reviewed the best whole house water filter for you.

Many people don’t know about this filtration system which is considered as the most essential one for every house.

No matter whether you receive water from the municipal or from the bore, a whole water filtration system cleanses water flowing in your home from the main source.

It makes sure that you and your family members are consuming healthy and chemical-free water.

A whole house water filter system is also known as a point-of-entry water filtration system.

Best whole house water filter

As the name suggests, it cleanses up the water entering your home from the main pipe by removing all the contaminants and chemicals.

The water that you will get after installing this filtration system is 100% pure.

Of course, the market is full of different types of water filtration systems claiming that they will provide 100% filtered water for consumption.

But the bad thing about these filtration systems is most of them are not environment-friendly and they also require regular maintenance and very high in price.

On the other hand, a whole house water filter is exactly opposite to the traditional water filtration systems.

It is environment-friendly and offers the best of features inside.

Best Whole House Water Filters

In the following article, we will talk about the best whole house water filters from trusted brands.

The systems have received positive feedback from the regular users and we thought of enlisted the top-rated products first on the list.

Apart from the detailed reviews of the best whole house water filter systems, we have also provided detailed guidelines for the new buyers.

New buyers always get confused when they plan to buy something which they have never used before, and for that reason, we have prepared detailed buying guidelines including the lists of their advantages and disadvantages which you must know about.

Let’s get on to the list of the reviews of these whole house water filtration systems:

iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System – Best budget filtration system

ISpring is a popular brand in the water filtration industry with a huge range of advanced filtration systems.

If you are planning to buy an advanced filtration system for the entire house, then iSpring’s WGB32B’s 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System is the perfect solution for you.

It is designed for users who receive chlorine-rich water, especially from the city areas.

The system uses three different filters making sure that all the contaminants and harmful chemicals from the water are removed.

This filtration system works best on chlorine-rich water, it removes bad smell and odd taste and provides neutral water taste.

The system removes 99% of chorine and up to 95% harmful pesticides, sediments, rust, industrial solvents and other harmful elements from water.

iSpring 3 Stage Whole water filteration system review

If we talk about the first filter of the system, it is a high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter. This filter is able to achieve filtration to 5% microns.

The second and third filters in this system are made from high-quality coconut shell carbon. They are designed to last for years without any special requirements.

These filters are there to remove bad odor from the water and to maintain the natural taste of it throughout its life.

These filters are very effective in organic chemicals and other industrial chemicals.

The system is capable enough to provide healthy and chemical-free water for up to four people for a full year as the capacity of the filters is 100,000 gallons of water. You can live a worry-free life once the system is installed in the main water supply.

It’s a whole house water filtration system which is installed on the main pipe of the supply. What makes this filtration system so much popular in the market is it is very easy to install.

No matter whether you have prior knowledge or a newbie, by following the simple instructions given in the manual, you can easily install this filtration system in your home.

All the useful tools and essential attachments are included in the box, making it easier for the users to install it quickly.

This system keeps the much-needed minerals in the filtered water. By consuming filtered water with this system, you will see positive changes in your routine. The company is also providing an additional warranty on this system.


  • The built-in 3-stage filtration system
  • Highly effective in removing chlorine, industrial chemicals, and organic chemicals from water
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Easy to install with user manual’s instructions
  • Backed by the manufacturer’s warranty


  • The build quality of the filters is not good claimed by some of the users of this filtration system.

Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter – Best 3-stage filtration system

This Whole House Water Filtration System from Express is specially designed for the residents who live in the city areas.

The entire system is made from high-grade materials ensuring its good life. Being the latest system in the market, it uses three-stage filtration technology that uses three different filters for the cleaning of the water supplies in your house.

The three-stage filtration system removes rust, chlorine, iron, lead, pesticides, dirt, sand, and all the other harmful elements from the water.

It makes sure that you are getting healthy water which is also essential for the lifespan of the other appliances in your home. You can have drinking water from the faucets.

blue-express-water-whole-house-water-filters review

This filtration system is designed with respect to the demands of the current users.

It doesn’t require special chemicals for the cleaning of the water and doesn’t waste the water like RO system and other filtration systems.

This system is made from heavy-duty food-grade materials with a long-lasting life.

The filters are also very powerful and designed to last for a longer time.

The high flow design supply 0.25 gallons of water every second. Each set of filters can filter up to 100,000 gallons of water.

However, the lifespan of the filters is depending upon the quality of water that you get.

Apart from this, the installation process of this filtration system is very easy and anyone can easily do so by following the simple instructions given in the manual.

The filter-replacement process is also quite user-friendly allowing you to easily change the filter once they are expired and stopped working.

The indication buttons are located on the filtration system that warns you when the filters are expired and need replacements.

You either can mount the system or can place it on the table or any other platform. It’s very user-friendly and doesn’t ask for anything special for the installation.

A specialized pressure gauge monitoring function is included in each filter to see the quality level of the water as well as the life of the filters.

The first filter is a Sediment filter, the second one is KDF to capture iron, rust, etc.

While the third filter is a Carbon block for capturing chlorine, organic chemicals, industrial chemicals, etc.

Each of these filters is highly effective on the water impurities and remove them from the core to offer 100% healthy water.

The company is providing a 1- Year of manufacturer warranty on this Whole House Water Filtration System.


  • The advanced three-stage filtration system
  • Made from high-grade materials
  • Backed with a high-grade stainless steel frame
  • Easy-to-install
  • Pressure Gauge Monitoring


  • The pressure gauges are not working properly sometimes.

APEC Water Systems RO-90 Ultimate Series 90 GPD Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System – for Low budget people

There are people who don’t want to compromise with the quality of water that they consume and always go for the premium filtration systems.

If you too are searching for a premium quality water filtration system for the whole house, then APEC Water System’s advanced RO System Drinking Water Filter System is best for you.

Unlike the other filtration systems, this filtration system uses the company’s own high-efficiency filters.

The filters of this system are designed to last for 12 months.

They provide full-house filtered water for the entire house for full one year.

You don’t need to worry about the filter replacement for the year. However, the life of the filter is depending on the quality of water.

APEC 90 Ultimate Series 90 GPD whole house Water Filter system review

If we talk about the build quality of this system, then it is made from high-grade plastic materials and other long-lasting materials ensuring great durability.

The system is tested and certified by WQA. It removes 99% contaminates from water and provides 100% fresh and healthy water.

The filters are very effective in removing chlorine, odor, VOCs, nitrates, and all the other harmful chemicals.

The filters used by this system are extra-large in size compared to other filters, offering 2X extra life. Moreover, this full-house water system comes with a built-in faucet.

The premium finish faucet comes with a chrome finish making it the perfect addition to your kitchen and countertop. It provides a leak-free experience.

Moreover, the system comes with a user-friendly installation.

You can install this system easily by following the instructions given in the user manual.

It also uses three-stage filtrations, each filter is used to remove special types of elements and chemicals, as a result, you will get fresh and healthy water for the entire family.

The first sediment filter is used to remove dust, particles, and rust.

The second and third filters are carbon blocks to remove chlorine, bad tastes, odors from the water.

These filters work on providing the quality taste of water by removing 100% impurities.

Apart from the three stages of filtration, the system also uses the fourth and fifth stages as extra stages.

The fourth stage is the high RO stage and the fifth stage is made from coconut shell refining carbon.

This product is backed by the company’s 2- Year Manufacturer Warranty.

All the useful attachments and fixes are given inside the box along with a user manual for quick installation.


  • Advanced five-stage filtration system with the RO stage
  • Great build quality
  • Long-lasting filters provide healthy water for 1 full year
  • Built-in 100% lead-free faucet


  • Customer Support is not good.

Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener Digital SXT Metered Whole House System – Best Rated

Many residents of the cities are complaining about the hard water that they get from the Municipality.

To remove the hardness from the water, AFWFilters are there with their advanced Whole House System.

This system is designed with the latest technology that comes with a built-in digital meter on the top.

The installation of this system is very easy, all the parts and useful tools are included in the box.

You can follow the installation guidelines given in the user manual to install these filters in your house.

It’s a whole house water filter that is designed to provide fresh and healthy water to the entire house.

The system comes with a specialized 1” MNPT thread making it easier for the users to connect it with the main hose of water.

Fleck-5600SXT-48000-Whole-House-System review

The bypass valve is also included which makes the flow of water smooth.

It provides unlimited water flow without shutting off the main valve.

Unlike the other water filtration systems, this system includes a special brine tank that holds salt.

It provides the required salt and other useful minerals to the filtered water.

This tank maintains the original taste of water and makes it healthier.

The filters used by the system works on the hard water and removes all the impurities easily. The filters are designed to last a long time.

It is the perfect whole house water system for the family of up to 6 persons.

The filters can last up to 12 months; however, it depends on the quality of water that you receive from the bore or from the municipality.

High-capacity resin is also given by the manufacturer to remove contaminants from the water.

It makes the water soft in less time making it familiar for the consumers and other appliances of your home.

Hard water is not good for stainless steel and other materials and it reduces the life of the appliances. It provides a high quality of water softening at a low price.

The different parts of these systems are backed by different lengths of warranties.

The main valve is backed by a warranty of 5 Years; while the durable tank is backed by 10 years of warranty from the manufacturer.

The unique feature of this water filtration system is an on-demand metered water softener with a paddlewheel meter.

All the useful parts, tools, and attachments are included in the box with the user manual for easy installation of the system.


  • Easy-to-install filtration system
  • Specially designed for hard water
  • All the attachments are included
  • Affordable system designed for everyone


  • Customer Support is not good.

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System Best Medium budget

Aquasana’s Whole House Water Filter System provides 100% chlorine-free water for the entire family.

The system is made from high-grade durable materials that offer long-lasting life.

The filters of this system are also designed to work for a longer time.

The unique dual-tank design provides a good flow of water throughout the day.

With an advanced filter, this system removes up to 97% of chlorine and other contaminants from water and provides 100% healthy and freshwater for the entire family.

The system provides drinkable water from every single tap of water in your house.

The system effectively removes mercury, lead, herbicides, pesticides, and all the other harmful organic and industrial chemicals from water.

The filtration system is designed to work for a longer time, unlike the traditional water filtration system.

Aquasana Whole water filter system review

It uses a unique Carbon and KDF filtration combined with Scale Control Media which is a salt-free technology that is designed to maximize contaminant reduction and keeps all the essential minerals as it is.

What makes this water filtration system unique amongst the other models is it doesn’t reduce Total Dissolved Solids during the filtration system.

The filtration system provides constant filtered water which is very cost-effective.

The filters remove contaminants from water and maintain their regular taste.

The installation process of this whole house water filter is pretty straightforward.

You can easily install it in your house by following the simple guidelines given in the user manual.

The system is designed to work for 10 long years without any issue. The capacity of this filtration system is 1 million gallons or 10 years.

Furthermore, this system doesn’t require any special maintenance.

Most of the water filtration systems require regular maintenance which costs you a lot of extra money.

However, this filtration system only requires the replacement of filters every 3 months.

You can easily replace the filters just by twisting the filter house of the system.

The system kit includes all the essential tools and accessories for a quick installation.

The kit includes a filter tank, conditioner tank, 20” pre-filter, post-filter, brass fittings, shut-off valves, bend supports, and all the other essential attachments.

You don’t need to buy anything from the market as the kit includes everything for the full installation.

This filtration system is backed by 10- years of warranty from the manufacturer.

The box also includes a user-manual with all the instructions that you may want to know.


  • Unique design with upflow design
  • Dual-tank included
  • Removes 97% chlorine from water
  • Filters up to 1 million gallons of water
  • 10 Years manufacturer warranty


  • The system doesn’t soften water.

Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System – Best for medium budget

Waterdrop is a trusted brand in the water filtration industry with a huge range of different types of filtration systems.

If you are searching for an all-in-one full house water filtration system, then Waterdrop’s RO Water Filtration System should be the perfect choice for you.

This water RO Filtration System comes with easy installation.

It’s an all-in-one intelligent water filtration system that is designed with the latest technology to offer 100% healthy and freshwater.

The filtration accuracy of this system is 0. The system effectively removes all types of contaminants such as fluoride, limescale, TDS, and heavy metals.

WaterDrop RO 400GPD whole house water filter system review

With an easy installation, anyone can easily install this RO system within a few minutes.

The manufacturer also provides easy-to-follow instructions or a user manual to install it on your own.

The filters can be changed within a minute. You just need to twist the lid of the house and the filter will be removed.

You just need to put a new filter there and it will be ready to work again.

It is the first RO system that comes with composite filters.

The design of the system is very unique as it doesn’t carry a water tank, unlike other RO systems.

The system uses three filters that provide seven stages of filtration.

The first filter is pre-sediment and carbon block, they work together to provide 3-in-1 filtration.

The RO system’s membrane provides high-efficiency filtration that is equivalent to 3 stages of filtration.

And the final filter of Carbon Block prevents big particles and other contaminants entering into the main water supply.

The unique Tankless design occupies less space in your kitchen or on the countertop making it the most advanced RO system in the market.

It can produce healthy and freshwater quickly. The system offers up to 400 gallons of water flow per day.

Apart from this, this advanced RO water filtration system reduces the wastage of water by up to 300% compared to the traditional RO systems.

This RO system ultimately helps you to save more money on the water bill.

The built-in faucet lets you consume healthy and fresh water whenever you need it.

This RO System is backed by the company’s 1- Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.

You can claim for the warranty when the system stopped working or the parts are defective.


  • The most advanced RO system
  • Unique Tankless Design
  • Provides a constant flow of filtered water
  • 0% of water leakage
  • The smart and lead-free faucet


  • The quality of the faucet is cheap and can be broken down easily with some extra force.

iSpring RCC1UP – 100GPD 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System – Our Choice! Highly recommended

ISpring is a trusted brand in the industry with different types of water filtration systems in its catalog.

ISpring’s 6-stage reverse osmosis system is the perfect option for those who are searching for an advanced RO system for their house.

The product is made from extremely durable materials and offers a long-lasting life.

The unique multilayer membrane can filter up to 100 gallons of water every day. It provides enough drinkable water for families of any size.

This system is designed with top-notch advanced UV filters. It’s an ideal filtration system for well water.

The filters are designed to remove almost all types of impurities and contaminants from the water.

This RO system is designed with three unique filters that act as 6-stage filtration for cleaning up the water.

iSpring 100GPD 6 Stage RO System Review

The multi-layered filtration system provides optimal protection against 1,000 different types of contaminants that are found in different types of water.

It can remove known contaminants such as chlorine, asbestos, mercury, lead, hormones, fluoride, bacteria, sodium, viruses, and more.

Being the advanced RO system in the industry, there is a special water flow sensor switch provided.

This sensor turns on the UV unit itself.

When the flow is maintained and reaches the required level, the sensor will turn off the UV unit itself.

This sensor is there to extend the life of the UV filters included in the system.

The ultraviolet sterilizing stage is a unique filtration stage that provides additional protection.

It’s a 100% leak-free system that comes with easy installation.

You can easily assemble the different parts and attachments of this filtration system on your own once the package is delivered.

You will be provided with a user manual carrying all the instruction guidelines for the quick installation of the system and for maintaining the system properly to extend its life.

The components of this RO Water Purification system are made from high-grade quality materials.

They require very little maintenance and are designed to work for you for a longer time.

The see-through first stage lets you monitor the quality of water. As a result, you will get fresh, healthy, and sodium-free water.

This RO filtration system is backed by the company’s limited manufacturer warranty upon registration.

You will also get quick technical supports once you registered your system to the company’s website.


  • Advanced three-stage RO Filtration system
  • Removes over 1,000 different types of contaminants from water
  • High-efficiency filters
  • Advanced Ultraviolet Sterilization Filter
  • Premium Quality Components


  • Requires high-pressure water as the pump is not producing enough pressure of water

How Does a Whole House Water Filter System Work?

With new technologies, manufacturers of Whole House Water Filter Systems have started offering different types of filtration techniques on their latest systems.

The core functionality of the whole house water filter system is its filters.

Different manufacturers use different types of filters I.e. the filtration method.

When you go with the multi-stage filtration system, the system filters up the water with different stages to remove impurities and contaminants from water.

The lifespan of the filters is depending on the quality of water.

So, if you get dirty water from the municipality or drinking well water, the lifespan of the filters is likely to be reduced.

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Many users buy a whole house water filter system for specific needs like softening the water etc.

They buy specialized filtration systems that come with a new stage for softening the hard water.

If we talk about the overall functionality of the system, all you need is a one-time installation of the system to the main pipe of water supply in your home.

For maintenance, you just need to change the filters frequently which can be done just by twisting the main head of the filter house.

Types of Water Filtration System  

In today’s innovative world, there are different types of water filtration systems available for all types of users.

Thankfully, you can buy the filtration system for your specific needs.

Depending on your needs, you can buy a water filter from cheap to pricey models.

Here, we have enlisted the different types of water filtration systems to present on the market along with their functionality in the whole house water filter system.

Let’s get on to the list now!

Whole House Water Filtration System

Whole House Water Filtration System is also known as Point of Entry systems.

This system is directly connected to the mains supply of your house. The system filters the water entering your house.

You can have fresh and healthy filtered water in your kitchen, shower, and all the other outlets when you install this system in your house.

The main aim of using this system is to remove big debris from the water and also providing healthy water for cooking and drinking.

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The same system removes extra chlorine level and hardness from the water which ultimately extends the life of other appliances of your home.

The Whole House Water Filtration System is getting more popular day by day.

Many house owners have started installing this system to get drinkable and freshwater.

RO Water System

RO Water System is known as Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration which is yet another popular system for filtering the water.

This system removes up to 99.99% contaminates from water.

Over 60% of the users are using the RO Water Systems in their homes as it is more convenient than other systems.

This system comes with a water tank that stores filtered and drinkable water. It can filter enough water for the entire family.

Faucet Mounted Filters

As the name suggests, the faucet-mounted filters are directly attached to the countertop or the sink of your kitchen providing direct filtered water.

This is the most affordable filtration system which you can buy from the market.

It is also very convenient to use and you can easily change the filters on your own.

However, this system is not providing long-lasting performance. You have to change the filters more frequently.

Under Sink Systems

This sink system is installed underneath the main sink of your kitchen. It is installed with the main supply of the sink. You can have filtered water from the kitchen sink which you can drink directly.

Water Filter Pitchers

Water Filter Pitchers are the most affordable and convenient in the market.

If you are receiving healthy and drinkable water but couldn’t spend your money on the filters, then this type of filter can be the best choice for you as it is very affordable and easy to use.

These filters easily remove chemical, bacteria and other types of contaminants from the water that you receive from the main pipeline.

It also removes dirt and debris from dirty water and offers fresh and healthy water.

Do I Need a Whole House Water Filter System?  

Most of the users don’t know about their basic requirements.

If you too have the same question before installing the filtration system in your home, you first know whether you should install the whole house water filter system or a different type of filtration system.

Let’s figure it out now!

Every human being should drink healthy water and we must install a reliable water filtration system in our home.

No matter what type of water you receive in your home, a reliable water filtration system converts ordinary water into healthy and fresh drinkable water.

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If your water is highly contaminated or you found different types of debris and chemicals in the water, you should install a whole house water filter system in your home.

It does not just provide you with filtered and fresh water, but also keeps all the appliances in good condition and extends their life.

The life of the whole water filter system is also very long and you don’t need to invest more money for maintenance.

What to look for While buying a Whole House Water Filter?  

There are a lot of things that you need to consider first before selecting a reliable water filtration system for your home.

If you have decided to install a Whole House Water Filtration System in your home, then you should check the below-given things first.

If you are not meeting the following requirements, you will end up wasting your money on this system. Let’s check them out now!

The flow rate of water

Flow rate is the amount of water that flows in your house through the shower, faucet, and other outlets.

The flow rate of water is measured in gallons per minute I.e. GPM.

You can read out all the information about the system’s Water Flow Rate by reading on the description or on the product’s sticker.

The flow rate ranges from 15 GPM to 40 GPM which is directly depending on the family type.

If you have a small family, you will be requiring less water every day and the required flow rate of water will also be around 15 GPM to 20 GPM.

Filter Size

There are different types of filters present on the market and the manufacturers of these whole house water filtration systems are using different types and not the same ones.

Depending on the quality of water in your house, you should go with a suitable system that can offer freshwater.

The larger size of filter tends to last for longer and the maintenance period or replacement period will also be longer than the small-sized filters.

The larger filter also capable of filtering a large amount of water and also provides enough flow of water throughout the day.

Discuss the type of filter depending on your required flow of water.

Port Size

The most common port size on the whole house filter system is 1”.

No matter whether the main pipeline of water is ¾” or even smaller, the ideal port size of the whole house water filter system is 1”.

This is the most suitable port size which provides enough flow of water throughout the day for the entire family.

Filter Life

A whole house water filter system uses a sediment filter which is the most common type of filter you will find in the different systems manufactured by top brands.

Generally, the lifespan of the filter is 100,000 gallons of water which can last for 1 whole year.

Yes, the built-in filters are designed to last for at least 12 months if the water quality is good enough.

If the quality of water is bad, the lifespan of the filters will be reduced to 6 months or even 3 months.


The above-listed Whole House Water Filter Systems are currently the top-rated systems on the market.

We have picked these products from world-class manufacturers who are providing quality products for years.

People who are confused about the whole house water filter system should read out the detailed reviews of each system enlisted above.

For the new users, we have also prepared a detailed buying guide.

Go through the detailed buying guide, follow the reviews of the best-selling whole house water filter systems, and choose the perfect one for your house.

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