How to Choose the Right Garden Hedge Trimmer

Choose the Right Garden Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is also known as a shrub trimmer or a bush trimmer. This gardening tool is widely used to cut, prune and shape gardens and lawns for residential as well as commercial purposes.

There are a variety of designs, as well as powered and manual models of this tool. It has the mechanism of scissors and is often shaped like the same.

Hedge trimmer

What are the various kinds of hedge trimmers?

The various kinds of hedge trimmers available are:

Electric Hedge Trimmers: Electric hedge trimmers that are lightweight, run by electricity, easy to use, available, and quieter are more popular due to their convenience in use.

They are mostly corded although new cordless designs are coming up on the market.

Petrol Hedge Trimmers: For heavy-duty work, longer hedges, and larger gardens or areas of use, gas or petrol hedge trimmers are the best options.

Although they are heavy, noisy and costly, they are popular for their capacity and performance.

Cordless Hedge Trimmers: The cordless hedge trimmers are obviously electric cordless ones.

They are even better than normal electric trimmers because the length of the cord doesn’t matter.

It also means that the length of the garden doesn’t matter as you can carry your trimmer anywhere, without looking for electric connections.

What should be the ideal size and cost of a hedge trimmer?

Electronic Hedge trimmers are available for $40.

However, cordless and more efficient trimmers might cost up to $200. The petrol or gas hedge trimmers cost about $100 to $300.

What features to look for while buying a hedge trimmer?

There are various features one should look for while buying a hedge trimmer. Some of them are listed below:

Length of the blade: The length of the blades is very important because the longer are the blades, the more efficiently they cover huge areas in one go.

However, long blades are often costly and are also hard to maintain, regularly, control, manoeuvre and tackle.

Space between the teeth: The space between the teeth of the Hegde trimmer is very crucial.

More space means that wider branches and leaves can be cut at a go, but it also means that the trimmer will be heavy, risky, and will need more power.

It will also require a heavy and robust motor to function.

On the other hand, for personal use less gapped teeth work fine to clear your lawn and maintain them on a regular basis.

Handguard: Handguards are essentially safety measures to ensure you don’t harm yourself or end up in an accident.

They are pre-installed in most of the trimmers as a safety protocol and you should really avoid using or buying a trimmer that doesn’t have a handguard.

Noise: You should really keep in mind the noise factor when you are trying to purchase a hedge trimmer.

The electric trimmers almost don’t make any extra sound, or at least make the minimum, whereas the gas or the petrol ones are massively criticized for their contribution to noise pollution.

In case it is compulsory to purchase and use a gas hedge trimmer, it is recommended that you use basic hearing protection like earplugs or headphones in order to avoid the side effects of long-term sound pollution.

What are the factors that should be kept in mind while purchasing a hedge trimmer?

The various factors that should be kept in mind while purchasing a hedge trimmer are:

Power: The power of a hedge trimmer solely depends on individual products and how much power they can take from the source and use for wielding.

Gas hedges obviously are more powerful than electric ones. If you are purchasing it just for domestic use and do not need heavyweight service, there is no requirement for high-powered trimmers at all.

Cost: The cost of hedge trimmers depend on the kind you are opting to purchase. Gas and petrol ones are very costly but effective.

However, the electronic ones, both corded and cordless, are majorly cheap and for regular domestic use.

Although, the cordless one will again be a bit more expensive than the corded hedge trimmer.

Blade Types: There are a variety of blade types available among hedge trimmers.

There are single-sided and double-sided blades, blades with more space in between, or less, The commercial trimmers supposedly have an inch of blade gap and two-sided blades.

However, for personal use, blades with fewer gaps and single-side blades are better and more convenient.

They are also safer for domestic use. It does slow down the work but is more convenient.

Maintenance: Once the money is invested, it is important that you take proper care of what you buy so that it lasts long and functions efficiently throughout.

The gas or petrol hedge trimmers are difficult to maintain as not only do they need refills frequently and precisely but also because they need appropriate amounts of fuel, making the maintenance extremely difficult and tedious.

The spark plug and vent have to be replaced and taken care of frequently.

Otherwise, for all kinds of trimmers, taking care of and cleaning the blades is a compulsory task.

For the electric ones, the associated cord etc must also be taken care of to avoid damage or accident.

Weight: The weight of a hedge trimmer is extremely important for its use. Since these tools require them to be pulled up and carried to places for trimming, it is impossible to ignore the weight factor.

The electric corded and cordless trimmers are lightweight, portable, and easy to use.

However, if one buys gas or petrol hedge trimmers, it should be kept in mind that those are extremely heavy and not at all easily portable.

Final Words

The hedge trimmer is an excellent tool to minimize manual labour and put developments in science and technology to good use.

It helps in developing and implementing the aesthetic appeal to your garden or lawn without any outside help or extra expense.

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