Miter Saw Vs Table Saw: Which one do you need?

Miter Saw Vs Table Saw

Power Tools are essential in today’s competitive world where everyone wants to live a luxurious life with unique furniture and wooden crafts.

Along with the power drill machine and circular saw, a Miter saw and a Table saw are also the most common power tools.

A Miter Saw and a Table Saw are two different types of saws used in carpentry works.

If you have a limited budget and space, then you need some homework on choosing the suitable saw which can fulfill your basic requirements.

If you have enough space and budget and want to own both types of saws for your DIY projects and other works, then here we will explain the basic differences between these two saws along with all the information that you might want to know!

We have prepared this article just to make the people aware of the miter saw and table saw machines.

Most people don’t know about their differences and that’s what makes them confused when it comes to choosing one.

By the end of this article, you will be able to decide which Saw is perfect for you.

Let’s get on to the details now!


What is Miter Saw?

Unlike the traditional saw, a Miter Saw is a specialty tool designed for trimming and angular cuts.

Miter Saw is used for specialized cuts on wooden materials and other types of materials.

With a Miter Saw machine, you can have crosscuts, miter, bevel, and compound cuts easily.

When woodworking requires specialized tasks, then Miter Saw comes to the rescue.

Unlike the table saw machine, a Miter Saw features a blade located on the arm itself. It is also called Swing in the industry language.

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The working functionality of the Miter Saw machine is also different from the table saw machine where the user needs to guide the blade of the machine to a wooden object or sheet for the specialized cuts.

The cutting capacity of the Miter Saw is limited to the blade’s size and its diameter.

Miter Saw helps you in many ways when specialized cuts are required.

You can also have multiple cuts with great accuracy with the Miter Saw instead of using a Table Saw.

Miter Saw is portable and can be moved anywhere easily unlike the Table Saw machine.

Miter Saw Uses

Miter Saw’s main use is to get accurate cuts. It is the most essential power tool if you are involved in professional woodworking.

Miter Saws are designed for specialized tasks only.

They are designed for special applications only and the usage of the miter saw is very limited unlike the table saw.

If you are a craftsman or a professional DIYer working on different DIY projects, then the Miter Saw can save a lot of time as you can achieve the desired and accurate cuts in less time.

It is highly used in crosscutting, angle cuts, and other types of cuts. This power tool works well with small wooden pieces.

If you are working on molding or framing works, then the Miter Saw is an essential tool to accomplish such tasks.

Unlike the table saw machine, the Miter Saw has a movable blade. It gives you quick and accurate cuts.

What is Table Saw?

Table Saw is known for its versatility in the woodworking industry. It is the most common power tool that can be found in every workshop.

As the name suggests, a Table Saw machine has a specialized circular blade built into a tabletop surface.

The blade is attached directly to the motor at the bottom side or either side of the blade.

There are numerous types of table saw machines present in the market with different shapes and sizes and compatibility.

They all are designed for specialized tasks and you have to decide which one is best for you before finalizing on a particular model.

The design of the table saw machine is similar no matter what brand you choose.

Operating a table saw is easier and you might be familiar with it. You need to push the wooden sheet towards the rotating blade and the table saw will cut down the table sheet accordingly.

Unlike the Miter Saw machine, a table saw machine is designed to cut down larger wooden pieces and other materials sheets.

Table Saw Uses

Table Saw machines are versatile enough to work on a range of applications in woodworking.

If we talk about the capabilities of the Table Saw machine, then you can use it for ripping lumber, performing cross cuts, making edges and shapes, making miter cuts, and much more.

When a large workpiece of lumber is involved, a Table Saw can easily cut it down precisely. You can use the same power tool for detailed wooden works.

The table Saw machine is considered the best companion for woodworkers as they can do a lot of tasks with this single-power tool I.e. Table Saw.

Miter Saw vs. Table Saw: The Differences

The main differences between these two most common power tools are depending upon their basic usages, their portability, and their design. Here we have explained the major differences between these two machines:

Working functionality

The working functionality of these two Saws is completely different from each other and that’s the most common difference between them.

Both the machines have a blade but they work differently on each one of them.

The Miter Saw features a blade located on the movable arm while the table saw features a rotating blade that is fixed on the table.

To make the cut on a table saw, you will have to push the wooden piece towards the rotating blade while on the miter saw, you need to move the movable arm with the blade for specialized cuts.

Basis Use

Table Saws are the most common cutting tool and can be found in every workshop. Table Saws are the most preferred tool compared to other power tools in the woodworking industry.

They can cut through a large number of wooden materials with different shapes and sizes.

A Table saw can handle larger workpieces of lumber efficiently and you can even use it for other cutting-related tasks as well.

On the other hand, a Miter Saw machine is designed for specialized tasks such as cross-cutting, angle cutting, etc.

You can’t work on a larger wood piece with Miter Saw.

On average, a Miter Saw can give you a cut of up to 6 to 8 inches only which is the size of the blade’s diameter and that’s the limitation of the Miter Saw machine.


When it comes to the portability of these two machines, a Miter Saw machine is quite portable as they don’t involve a large table or specific surface like a Table Saw.

You can easily carry it along wherever you go and can work on different types of woodworking applications with ease. All it requires is a power source and that’s all.

On the other hand, a Table Saw lacks portability as they need a specific surface to establish its blade with the table.

However, there are some manufacturers with portable table saws that you can carry to different locations.

Both, Miter Saw and Table Saw machines are compatible with many accessories that you can purchase from the market to expand their capabilities and functionalities.

You can make them more portable by using a stand or some other accessory.

Cutting accuracy

As you know, a Miter Saw is designed for specialized cuts such as miter cuts, bevel cuts, cross cuts, etc.

So, when it comes to the accuracy of cutting, a Miter Saw is highly recommended by experts.

However, they are limited to their blade’s diameter and you can’t actually work on large wooden pieces using a Miter Saw machine. A Miter Saw is there for precise cuts only!

On the other hand, a Table Saw can also be used for a range of cutting applications. They can cut down larger wooden pieces of lumber efficiently.

You can also use different types of blades for different types of cutting needs on a table saw machine.

But one thing is for sure, a table saw can never get you a precise cut as a miter saw.

If you need a precise cut on the table saw, then it will take hours of time and good practice as well.

You can also get precise crosscuts and miter cuts by using additional accessories on the Table Saw machines such as a miter gauge and sled.


If we talk about the pricing of the Miter Saw and Table Saw machines, then you will find that the pricing of both these models is pretty much the same.

When you search either for the best Miter Saw or for the Table Saw machine in the market, you will be presented with hundreds of different types of models from different brands.

The models and brands decide the actual pricing of the machine. If you go with a world-class brand, you will have to pay some extra bucks for that machine.

So, the pricing of both these machines varies from brand to brand and retailer to retailer. You need to check for the same on different e-commerce websites and on the company’s official website as well.

Which type of Saw is perfect for me?

If you are a beginner with no knowledge of using a power tool machine, then you should go with the table saw machine as they are easy to use and suitable for almost all types of cutting-related applications.

You should go with the Miter Saw machine only if you know how to use the table saw machine or have already used it before.

It involves a lot of practice and prior knowledge as the machine is designed to give you precise and accurate cuts.

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When it comes to buying a new Saw, most people get confused between the Woodworking and Carpentry words.

Both these professions look similar but they are largely different from each other.

Carpentry involves huge wooden tasks such as building houses, building windows and framing the door, or molding-related tasks.

So, if you are involved in carpentry, then a Miter Saw is the best option for you.

Woodworkers are those professionals who build different types of furniture. It involves the ripping of large boards and wooden sheets, the building of cabinets, and many other tasks.

A table saw is perfect for woodworking tasks and is considered the most useful tool for woodworking.

Miter Saw Overview

  • Ideal for Bevel Cuts and Angle Cuts
  • Light in weight and portable design
  • Easy-to-use functionality
  • Cutting capacity is limited to narrow boards or blade diameter.
  • Suitable for trimming, molding, flooring, picture frames, and other small craftwork

Table Saw Overview

  • Ideal for Angle cuts.
  • Limited bevel cuts.
  • Compatible with additional accessories such as a miter gauge.
  • Unlimited ripping capacity.
  • Easy-to-use functionality for ripping tasks.
  • Suitable for ripping large wooden boards and sheets.
  • Not so portable as they are heavier.
  • It offers flexibility while working on different cutting applications.

Our Take

If you are limited for one single machine, then a Table Saw offers more flexibility than a Miter Saw machine.

A Miter Saw machine is limited to work on the small size of boards and the cutting capacity of the Miter Saw is also limited to the blade’s diameter.

On the other hand, a Table Saw offers unlimited ripping cuts and width cuts. You can also achieve a variety of cuts using the table saw machine. We would suggest you go with the table saw machine in this case.


Table Saw is far superior and better than the Miter Saw machine when it comes to versatility.

Most people would first go with the Table Saw machine just because of its versatility and unlimited ripping capacity.

With little experience working with the table saw machine, you can even achieve different types of cuts.

However, if you just want a Saw machine for specialized cuts such as cross cuts, bevel cuts, and miter cuts for specialized DIY projects such as molding, framing, and crafting, then a Miter Saw should be the ideal choice for you.

Go for the Miter Saw only if your primary work is involved accuracy and precision.

Otherwise, a Table Saw is highly recommended due to its flexibility in work and unlimited ripping capacity.

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