Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Buying Guide

One of the most famously used machines to keep our lawns and gardens up to shape is a lawnmower. They make the whole job much simpler and easier.

The numerous rolling blades on the machine are used for cutting the grass on the lawn and bringing it to an even height. The equipment is essential for the daily maintenance of the lawns as well as decorations in the gardens.

The height is adjustable according to the user. As technology is getting more and more advanced every day, there are upgrades in all the machines we use as well.

The regular push mower that worked when an individual pushed it is being replaced by self-propelled lawn mowers, which have the ability to move on their own and complete the required task.


Buying a self-propelled lawnmower is a big decision that requires a certain amount of investment as well so, it is necessary that you find the best one suitable to you and your needs.

Listed below are a few points that can guide you and help you to find the perfect fit for you.


You can find two types of lawnmowers in the market if differentiated according to the type of wheels including front-wheeled and rear-wheeled.

Both models have their own pros and cons. While front-wheel lawn mowers are comparatively less expensive than rear-wheel lawn mowers, real-wheel lawn mowers are considered better for the overall operation and use.

The rear wheels are comparatively more grounded and provide a strong foundation to the lawnmower thus allowing proper traction control and flexibility in its use.

The front-wheel lawn mower is much tougher to operate as they become quite useless when there are a turn and the wheels bounce off or you have to lift it from the front.

So, before making a final decision, you should analyze your needs and your price range and then find the best fit for you.


The speed of your lawnmower is an essential feature that affects your experience with the operation of the machine to a great extent.

It is important that you know beforehand which speed you would like to work at or if you want a land-mower with adjustable speed settings.

Some self-propelled land mowers come equipped with a single-speed setting which is usually a bit faster than the normal preferred speed by most users as it may result in the grass not getting evenly or properly cut.

So, you may want to explore the numerous options in the market and find the best suitable speed according to your lawn, gardens, and your physical conditions.

A land mower that will come equipped with a hydrostatic drive along with cruise controls will allow you to change, increase and decrease the speed of the machine according to your preference and maximum effect.

Start Engine

When differentiated on the basis of the start engine in the machine, there are two major varieties of self-propelled lawn mowers that you can find in the market.

These are the recoil start engine and the electric start engine.  The basic application of recoil engines is traditional very similar to the pull-rope style.

Basically, to start the lawnmower all you will have to do is pull tightly on a cord that will turn on the engine thus, starting the lawnmower as a result.

Electric engines are much easier to start in comparison. As the name suggests, they are turned on through an electrical connection that gets powered by simply turning your key.

The choice between the two engines totally depends on your taste. If you want the old-school chain yanking experience you can always buy a mower with a recoil engine and if you prefer simply turning a key, go with electric engines. In any case, the land mower works and carries out the task with the same effectiveness and efficiency.

Wash-out ports

Proper and regular maintenance of any and every machine is essential for its long and healthy survival.

Like any other machine, lawnmowers also need regular maintenance and wash-out ports will assist you in completing that job with maximum effectiveness.

So, it is important you check the placements, size, etc of the ports before buying the machine to ensure they complement the already existing pieces of equipment in your garden, for instance, the hose, which you might attach to the ports to remove all the grass clippings and clean it thoroughly.

Blade override

The machine usually comes equipped with a feature of automatic self-turn off every time the bail is let loose. So, basically every single time the bail is left even for simple reasons, the machine turns off for safety.

The blade-override system will allow you to custom the machine to stay on and keep running thus, still allowing you to cut off the grass.

This not only elongates the life of your machine but also removes the hassle to turn it on again and again.

Don’t worry, the safety is still considered so, the blade doesn’t spin in this mode.

So, making a purchase you might want to look into the override features provided by the machine you want.

Swivel wheels

Usually, the job of mowing is never done on a straight field. There are almost always numerous turns, flower beds, trees, etc that you need to take care of.

The swivel wheels are much better for such a maneuver as they can easily be turned and guided along the path that you actually want to mow.

So, you should analyze the area you want to mow and see if you will require swivel wheels or not before making a purchase.

So, now you are all informed and ready to go make your brand-new purchase. Remember to do your research, check off all these important points, and analyze your requirements so that you can find the best suitable match to help you solve all your land mowing problems and bring to life all your gardening dreams.

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